Race Baiting

Race baiting; when someone proclaims Black Lives Matter for example, and your initial response is All Lives Matter and you believe there is only one race, the human race then then you think that saying Black Lives Matter is race baiting. But we human beings cannot interact with each other as one dimensional beings. We are more than just one race; we are individual people with ethnic, cultural, religious, geographical, societal, governmental, educational and many other differences between us as people, as a culture, as a religion, as a community; a town; a city; a state; a nation, as a society, as a governmental system, in educational opportunity’s and many other aspects of life. It is the richness of mental stimulation, the awe and inspiration of the world around us, the sheer joy of human sexual and emotional intimacy, personal satisfaction and fulfillment. But it is also the horror of human cruelty, the despair of oppression, the hatred and in humanity with which we treat one another.
Race baiting; if you hear me saying Black Lives Matter and your response is All Lives Matter and you think I am race baiting think about which way you are looking at it; not which way I am meaning it.


Living In A Politically Correct World

With all the heated discussions lately about the Confederate Flag and the like political correctness has been charged with being socially wrong. The problem with political correctness is that we all have a different idea about who’s politics are the correct ones. In my mind when you attach the word politics to any thing, especially if it involves behavior, you are automatically creating a conflict. The whole idea of political correctness I would assume was to create a kind of universal list of terminologies that would help those who hold  political office to speak to and or with the general public without favoring or disfavoring any one ethnicity, religion, political party, nationality, gender or age group. It may have seemed a good idea and it may have started with good intentions but I wonder if it hasn’t made communicating more difficult and well, even more offensive.

Being politically correct in itself offends many people. I myself go back and forth on how I feel about this false politeness and pretense of niceness. I see political correctness may have it’s place among politicians as it if fundamental that our elected officials do not favor any one peoples, ideals, religion, or class for they are meant to represent all of us; but does political correctness really have a place among the masses? I for one am damn tired of playing nice with religious people, bigots, ignorant people and most of all the bleeding hearts in the world that think we should all just accept everyone and everything. I for one am tired or worrying about offending everybody when it comes to ideas, politics, religions, cultures and nationality.

Before it comes across that I am insensitive to other peoples feelings let me assure you I am. It is important to understand that when it comes to race, appearances, medical conditions or any other aspect of a human being that one cannot change or has no control over I am absolutely what would be called politically correct. But I don’t need that term or it’s supposed meaning to tell me what not to say to somebody, I know because my parents taught me manners and I have an innate sense of politeness and consideration for other peoples feelings. But when it comes to aspect of humanity that exist by choice everything is fair game and it’s open season. Especially when it comes to stupid people and stupid ideas and stupid behavior or beliefs.

Redneck is not an ethnic slur it is a lifestyle. Skinhead is not a medical condition it is an attitude. Bible thumper is not a religion it is a self righteous attitude; I guess you can tell which one of those groups angers me the most. Nigger is a racial slur. Cracker is a racial slur. Chink is a racial slur. Gook, spic, wop, kyke and pollack are racial slurs.  Retard is an insult. Cripple is an insult. Broad is offensive. Fat Chick is offensive. Street people is judgmental. Bum is judgmental.

At this point I have to express one of my biggest pet peeves that is also the perfect example of what I consider to be the most unpolitical correct tern I know; African American. I have gotten grief over this more times than I can count. I personally do not ever hear an ‘African American’ call themselves or each other such. I do hear black people calling themselves and other black people black; or often times black folk. For starters, not all black people are from Africa and there are many black people in the world don’t live in or have never even been to America, and not all people from Africa are black. Those generations of slaves may have been from Africa but the last few generations of the descendants were born here so they are just American. South Africa is heavily populated with white people and those that are here in America are not considered to be African American. And we don’t call those from Mexico Mexican Americans or we don’t say German American, or Chinese American, Japanese American, Russian; Polish, German or Irish American do we?

And let’s talk about this whole Confederate flag issue. To say that the disrespect towards black people as human beings that flying that flag shows is being politically correct is in itself offensive. Whether or not you want to argue what the flag means or represents to black people it is saying that we are proud and remorseless for the crimes against humanity that were committed by those that owned and condoned slavery. One could also argue that the Swastika comes from the Sanskrit svastika, which means “good fortune” or “well-being and that just because the Nazi’s adopted it to represent their Aryan Heritage and their Anti-S emetic movement that Jews should not be offended by it. It is too bad that these two symbols didn’t have an offensive beginning and that they no longer mean what they were intended to. It is too bad that some stole these symbols and made them their own to represent their hateful and inhumane beliefs and actions but the fact is that they did and it does. If it is ‘just a symbol that it shouldn’t be offensive because that’s not what we use it for’ then why are those that defend this fighting so hard to flaunt them? If it is just a symbol then it should be no big deal to take them down and for it to be wrong to display them. Standing on pride instead of principle is anything but politically correct.

We don’t need political correctness what we need is human decency and respect; or at least no disrespect, towards things about human beings that they have no control over or choice of.

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