Subliminal Influences

There are some influences that are known to be subliminal.  We all know racism, bigotry and misogyny for example are learned. We usually think of these attitudes as being learned from parents, teachers or other adult influences in our lives. I don’t think that many of these influences are intentional, that we may not even realize we are teaching these ideas at all.

Fairy tales, bedtime stories. tales around the campfire, legends and literature have other things in common other than being sources for entertainment, they all subliminally influence or ideas of racism.  The Knight in shining armor on a white horse, the young beautiful blond haired blue eyed princess or handsome prince who lives in a beautiful crystal palace always represent whats pure and good, what’s desirable to be or to have. The fallen warrior or bastard son of a king on a black horse, wearing dark clothing or armor, the old ugly witch or dark haired spinster that lives in a dark cave always represent whats tainted and evil, what’s undesirable to be or have.

Brides wear white, they are innocent and naive, widows and mourners wear black, they are old and mean. The good witch of the north wore white and had blonde hair with blue eyes, the wicked witch of the east wore black, had dark and eyes. Doctors where white coats, they cure and save lives, morticians are usually dressed in dark suits, they embalm and bury dead people. Snow is considered crisp and clean while mud is considered slimy and dirty. The white flag is used for a truce while a black flag is an emblem for piracy or anarchism. Angels wear white, god wears white while demons are black skinned and have dark eyes. Daytime and sunlight are considered safe while night time and the darkness are something to be afraid of. The unicorn is white while the devil dogs are black. White is good and beautiful. Black is evil and ugly.

In the middle ages when owning possessions began to determine your social status, women were such a possession and her appearance set her worth. Lady’s of class were expected to have the whitest of skin. This skin color distinction came from the fact that the working class would labor outside where they were in the sun. Servant women were the ones who hung out the wash, got food from the garden, went to the market etc. Their skin would tan, darken. A lady never did these menial tasks and therefore not exposed to the sun, leaving her skin a nice white complexion. Pale skin was desirable because the life of a lady, a life of wealth and luxury with servants was what every woman wanted, it was good. No woman wanted to be a servant. Dark skin was undesirable because the life of a servant, a life of labor and poverty serving others was not what any one wanted. White is desirable. Dark is loathsome.

These influences come from books, movies and advertisements. These subliminal messages have to influence our ideas about race. On some level. We are all in these subtle ways part of the problem when we tell those stories to our children.

Hitler carefully and purposefully used the word ‘exterminate’ the Jews. Not kill, not murder not put to death…exterminate. One murders or kills people, one exterminates insects or rats. Using that word subliminally is part of the reason Hitler was able to get an entire nation to help with this cause, or at least to be indifferent about it.

Then there’s calling a storm violent, or raging or even harsh not only personify how we look at weather but it subliminally convinces people that these events are the result of gods wrath.

The use of a word however inconsequential it may seem can brainwash an entire population. The use of an image can blind a generation. Subliminal messaging can oppress and enslave entire races of people.

Just something to think about.



Race Baiting

Race baiting; when someone proclaims Black Lives Matter for example, and your initial response is All Lives Matter and you believe there is only one race, the human race then then you think that saying Black Lives Matter is race baiting. But we human beings cannot interact with each other as one dimensional beings. We are more than just one race; we are individual people with ethnic, cultural, religious, geographical, societal, governmental, educational and many other differences between us as people, as a culture, as a religion, as a community; a town; a city; a state; a nation, as a society, as a governmental system, in educational opportunity’s and many other aspects of life. It is the richness of mental stimulation, the awe and inspiration of the world around us, the sheer joy of human sexual and emotional intimacy, personal satisfaction and fulfillment. But it is also the horror of human cruelty, the despair of oppression, the hatred and in humanity with which we treat one another.
Race baiting; if you hear me saying Black Lives Matter and your response is All Lives Matter and you think I am race baiting think about which way you are looking at it; not which way I am meaning it.

Still Not Happy With Elton John

I have posted about this before, but I was watching CBS Sunday Morning earlier and they interviewed Sir Elton; there was discussion about the large number of songs, how songs were written etc and it brought back some negative feelings, disappointment and even anger I felt towards him over his making ‘Candle in the Wind’ Princess Diana’s song when he played it at her funeral. For those who may not be familiar, Candle In The Wind was written by he and Bernie and released on Yellow Brick Road. It was written for Marilyn Monroe, even has her real name Norma Jean in the first line.

Now, here is my issue with this though the first should be obvious. How rude is it to just discard Marilyn like that? Oh she isn’t worthy of her song anymore because someone better died? It was obviously, or at least it used to be, written with a lot of heart and love for her if you listen to the emotion in the music and the words of endearment.

Here is my second and most angering issue; didn’t Diana deserve for him to write a new song for her? Given the large number of songs this duo wrote I find it hard to believe they couldn’t come up with a new one, actually SIR Elton, one would think, should have been inspired by the loss his very good friend who was also his countries Princess; it was because of her he received the title of Knighthood.

What a shallow and insensitive thing for him to do. Though giving a woman a previous girlfriends engagement ring pales in comparison…you get my drift.

The Carpenters Garden

This site features the unique talents of Bobbie Caldwell Nathwang and her husband David Nathwang. Bobbie graduated from Los Alamos High School .  class of 1972. David also went to Los Alamos High School.  They have some very unique wood creations. Check them out.


The Carpenter’s Garden


Jacks’s Dream; Making It Into The Guiness Book Of

Jack has made several attempts at getting his name in the Guinness Book of World Records but to no avail.  In 2007 He and Meg tried in Canada by performing the shortest concert ever played. They sold tickets and promoted the show when it was show time they took the stage where Meg hit her symbol one time, this is known as the White Stripes One Note Show. It seems though that even though this was acknowledged by Guinness as the shortest known concert ever played, and even though The White Stripes did make into the 2009 publication of the World Records Books it was a short-lived accomplishment. After the book was released several applications by other musicians who wanted to beat this record were sent to Guinness for consideration. Well for obvious reasons, at least they were obvious after this record was made and not before, Guinness had to remove this record from the list of breakable records and it wasn’t included in the book after that. These reasons were the inability to conclusively define ‘shortest’ concert. They struggled with what was actually considered to be a ‘concert’. Was it the defined by the selling of tickets, actual attendance at a venue, the appearance of a band on stage just playing a single note; what technically constituted a concert? Some argued that the production of a show leading up to and including the first note was a concert. Some argued that to be a concert they would have to at least play an entire song, some argued that would need to be a whole set. Others argued the number of people who would have had to actually see the band members on stage and see them play ‘the one note’, this point was raised because after playing the one note Jack and Meg immediately left the stage; their thinking being that entering the stage thus beginning the show, playing music; even just one note thus playing the show and then exiting the stage thus ending the  show constituted a concert. Needless to say the inability of those at Guinness to come to a conclusion on these points led to the elimination of that particular record, period.

Jack later attempted to not only get into the record books but stay in the record books; as a record holder past or present, by saying the most metaphors ever spoken in a single concert. These metaphors could be spoken or occurrences like lighting changes, the color of clothing or microphone stands. There was even a recorded metaphor for the calm weather which apparently ‘had the feel of Grandma’s house in winter’. At one point one of the three Guinness officials who were appointed the difficult task of counting these metaphors made the mistake of counting 312 smiles and 3 mere comparisons. I am not sure how a smile is a metaphor at all but then who am I to judge? There was a 3 minute period where close to 1200 were counted. Then about half way through the set it seems that Jack uttered a metaphor about the moon too fast to be counted and the Guinness guys had to forfeit the attempt.

Well April 19th 2014 Jack set a new record for the World’s Fastest Studio-to-Store Record at Third Man Records, his record studio in Nashville.  On the morning of the 19th Jack and his band took the stage in the Blue Room at Third Man Records he recorded a mono live version of the single “Lazaretto” from his yet to be released album of the same name and he covered Elvis Presley’s “Power of My Love” for the B side of this special 7″ vinyl record which was then pressed, assembled and personally escorted back to Third Man by Jack where he sold the first copy to a member of the band Whirlwind Heat, who was performing later that day at the studio. This was all done in 3 hours 55 minutes and 21 seconds.  The video recap of the event can be viewed here



How I think Vikings Season 2 Will End

To recap season 2, episode one has Rollo fighting with the Jarl of Gotaland, Jarl Borg against Ragnar who is fighting with King Horik of Denmark. The battle is over Jarl Borgs refusal to leave King Horik’s land that are rich with minerals. Jarl Borg is refusing to pay and royalties for mining the land. In battle Rollo drops to his knees saying to Ragnar that he can’t fight him after seriously wounding Floki. Ragnar puts Rollo in chains after the battle is drawn and he  expresses his weariness of battling over their lands. He announces that he wants to sail west and find land with rich soil to farm and riches to loot. King Horik and Jarl Borg come to a deal on Jarl Borgs payment for the land to King Horik and the three of them make a pact sail West and raid England. King Horik had no intention of keeping the pact to raid with Jarl Borg; he has Ragnar back out of the deal knowing how angry Jarl Borg will be. King Horik was trying to manipulate Ragnar by leaving the Jarl angry enough to raid Ragnar’s village when he and all his warriors set sail with King Horik to raid England,  But I believe Ragnar realized that Jarl Borg would want revenge which is why after buying Rollo’s life from the lawmaker and  accepting Rollo back as his brother he tells him he cannot raid with him. He leaves Rollo behind not only to protect his wife and his sons but also to let Rollo regain some self respect and pride back for keeping Ragnar’s family safe; which he does.

King Horik then takes advantage of Siggy who offers to tell him weaknesses and faults about Ragnar. Siggy wants Rollo to rise to be Earl and even goes so far as to sleep with King Horik and his son Erlendur. Ragnar knows Siggy is not to be trusted, and I believe he knows why King Horik is going consorting with her. It King Horik’s plan that once Jarl Borg attacks Ragnar’s village and Ragnar takes revenge on him, which King Horik is counting on him doing he will then need to stop Ragnar from advancing and gaining anymore power. King Horik knows he can never really rule over of control Ragnar Lothbrok, he knows Ragnar is destined for greatness, his plans are to use him to gain victory in England. But he feels he can control Rollo. This is why he is going to make sure Ragnar Lothbrok dies in battle in England and then giving Rollo the title of Earl in Ragnar’s place. But first he has to make sure that they do battle in England, once he learns that Ragnar wants to make peace with King Ecbert in exchange for some land to farm. Ragnar tells King Horik that is his dream.

When Ragnar tells King Horik this and he just scoffs at him. After King Horik learned of this he does his best to make sure that King Ecbert will make any kind of treaty with Ragnar by slicing the throat of the monk who was standing next to Bishop Edmund seconds after Ragnar gave his word there would be no more killing and agrees to sit and talk alliance with King Ecbert.  Doing that made Ragnar’s word worth nothing.  When Ragnar gets news that Jarl Borg has indeed raided his village he leaves before meeting with King Ecbert again. Ragnar is taken off guard when King Horik decides to stay and talk to King Ecbert and when Ragnar reminds him that he doesn’t even speak their language King Horik asks Athelstan to stay and interpret. I believe that Ragnar knew what Horik was doing and he leaves after acting like Athelstan betrayed him by not going with him to defend his family. Ragnar cannot tell King Horik no because he is a King but also because Athelstan is a free man now. Now King Horik has an ace up his sleeve and a guarantee that Ragnar will return to raid with him, because he plans on getting Athelstan killed or captured. King Ecberts men ambush Athelstan and a few other men and is captured and crucified. King Ecbert has Bishop Edmund take him down from the cross. King Ecbert is acting out ‘The Art of War’. Know thy enemy. He questions the priest about the Pagan ways and about the Northmen. He also ends up showing Athelstan a secret treasure trove of Roman art and writings which he has Athelstan translate for him in secret. So King Horik sails back and tells Ragnar that Athelstan is dead, counting on Ragnar going back to avenge the priests death.

Episode eight had King Horik’s plans playing out beautifully, Ragnar brutally killed Jarl Borg and along with Lagertha returned to England to raid. King Ecbert had amassed armies from neighboring kingdoms, he even had his son Aethelwulf wed the Judith the daughter of King Aelle of Northumbria who’s brother Lord Edgar Ragnar killed on their first raid of England. King Ecbert has also called upon Princess Kwenthrith or neighboring Mercia, the richest kingdom in England. Ragnar makes King Horik angry by sending an emmissary to set up a meeting with King Ecbert without consulting him. King Ecbert’s  son Aethelwulf goes for the initial meet with the Vikings and after he lays down his sword and agrees to an exchange of hostages he hands Ragnar the Viking arm ring he gave to Athelstan giving the priests and the Kings guarantee of safe passage. Ragnar now knows that Horik lied to him for sure when he told him Athelstan was dead.  Ragnar and Aethelwulf give each other their words and the prince rides away but he and his company are ambushed by Erlendur, King Horik’s son. This of course guarantees battle like King Horik wants. Oh yeah, and Floki has Flaked out and he sailed with King Horik after not inviting Ragnar to his wedding. This is what I think is going to happen.

Ragnar is going to fight along side King Ecbert against King Horik. Rollo will of course fight beside his brother but Floki will stand with Horik. I think Athelstan is going to fight against Horik and will end up killing Floki or Floki will end up killing Athelstan. I don’t know what Lagertha is going to do, I of course think she will want to fight along side Ragnar and Bjorn but somehow ends up being attacked by King Ecberts armies as well as by King Horik’s, even being surrounded by both where Ragnar either can’t help her or he isn’t sure which side she is on. Maybe she will fight Princess Kwenthrith of Mercia. Does she die in battle? I don’t know. I think that Bjorn will end up fighting with Erlendur, King Horik’s son and slaying him. I think that Rollo will end up killing King Horik, King Ecberts son Aethelwulf will end up dead and so will King Aelle of Northumbria. That’s how the season will end….


What I Think Ragnar Lothbrok Is Thinking Going Into Episode 8

Okay, considering that King Horik backed out on the agreement between himself , Ragnar and Jorl  Borg to raid together Ragnar didn’t trust him after that. It didn’t slip either one’s mind that after doing so they were going to be leaving an insulted and angry Jorl Borg behind where Ragnar’s town and family were going to be left alone, without Ragnar and his men. King Horik dissed Jorl Borg for that very reason. He knew that Jorl Borg would take revenge on Ragnar’s town and in turn Ragnar would take revenge on Jorl Borg. That was King Horik’s way of getting rid of Jorl Borg. At the same time that is exactly why Ragnar though forgiving his brother Rollo for betraying him and fighting against him with Jorl Borg, that is why Ragnar wouldn’t let Rollo raid with them. He was leaving Rollo behind to protect his family and by doing so giving Rollo a chance to regain some honor and self respect. Now King Horik had more in mind to his plan, him setting Ragnar up to have to return home from their raid in England to save his family from Jorl Borg he would be left to raid and plunder in Wessex, he isn’t really keen on Ragnar’s thoughts of making peace with King Eckbert to obtain land to be farmed. King Horik wants treasure and slaughter.

About Ragnar’s reaction when King Horik asked that the ‘Priest’ or Athelstan, at first I thought Ragnar felt betrayed by Athelstan when he agreed to stay behind to help King Horik. But thinking about how King Horik slit the throat of the monk standing next to the Bishop of King Eckberts after Ragnar made a deal and gave his word they wouldn’t kill any more Englishmen if King Eckbert would agree to talk which he did, Ragnar knew right there that King Horik wanted to raid and not to farm, not only did that act assure they would fight the King it also made Ragnar’s word no good, which very much mattered to him. Back to the Priest, Ragnar must have been concerned for Athelstan’s safety after seeing the cold heart of King Horik when it comes to killing unarmed men. What exactly King Horik’s reasons for keeping the priest their I am not sure of. Maybe to hurt Ragnar?

Anyway….we’ll see what Ragnar really does to or with King Horik after he kills Jorl Borg tonight…

Breaking Bad Breaks Badly

I will begin by giving Breaking Bad props for one thing no other series to date has gotten from me. It didn’t lose me until the very end. As an avid learned viewer who has dedicated a lot of time watching series after series never finding that one that I stayed loyal to the very end. Half never grab my interest past the pilot. Maybe half of those keep my interest past the first season. More than half of those lose me past the season after that.

I can count on one hand how many I have even kept up with past that. Before Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Showtime, Cinemax or HBO, or internet; when there were only 3  major network stations, all of which went off the air between 2 a.m until 6 a.m. series television aired after  ,m. and the few adult shows there were; I don’t mean porn; only aired after 9 p.m. (I never did get sucked into daytime soaps). Watching an entire season of  episodes in succession without missing one took discipline, planning, dedication and diligence. Season’s ‘kicked off’ in the Fall and reached the Finale in the Spring. Viewers were left to wait out the summer with previous seasons being re-run all summer long. In fact all ‘Prime Time’ shows were re-runs all summer long.  Add to that with the fact that the ability to tape, yes tape on a VHS using a VCR, wasn’t there until I was in my late twenties and I was well into my 40’s DVD Burners. It was still a few years more before digital recording and then video streaming came to town. Further emphasizing how important it was to not miss a single episode. A series had to be damn good to merit the necessary efforts required to be a fan.

Breaking bad was the first series that I have watched, in succession, without missing a single episode. I can honestly say not one episode disappointed me. Until the final one.

It shouldn’t have been Walter White; father; teacher; loyal friend and honorable colleague who died in peace, resolved on the floor of that meth lab, the perfect place to be; the final destination after the epic journey of a man’s life’s mission to provide for his family before he dies.

It shouldn’t have been a betrayed man and colleague, forgiving the one’s who betrayed him and then trusting them with all the money he had left in the world, trusting them to give it to his son. Expecting them to oversee the condition of a college education is met.

It shouldn’t have been a selfless father who conceded to what was best for his baby girl by leaving Holly in her mother’s care.

It shouldn’t have been a husband who finally gave his wife the respect she deserved by coming clean and telling Skyler the truth, that everything he did was for himself, not for the family.

It shouldn’t have been a kind and loyal brother-in-law who gives Marie closure by giving up the  coordinates to where Hank was left in the desert.

It shouldn’t have been the remorseful brother-in-law who allows Agent Schrader to be buried with honors and ceremony.

It shouldn’t have been a loyal friend letting Jesse kill Todd for shooting Angela in the back of the head, who finally lets Jesse ‘walk away’.

It shouldn’t have been a righteous man accepting what he deserves by letting Jesse pick up the gun to shoot him with.

It shouldn’t have been the asshole who let Jane die is forgiven by Jesse when he refuses to shoot him.

Thus Walter White died a martyr after all….

It should have been Heisenberg who died in that lab…

Rolling Stone August 2013 Issue Is One


Why is ‘The Bomber’ being on the cover of a magazine an issue? It’s an issue because it’s Rolling Stone. Rolling Stone is a music magazine that features people who people love. Popular people, to be on the cover of a Rolling Stone means that you are bigtime, topping the charts or winning Grammy’s or becoming rock and roll history. Are these stereo types fair? It doesn’t matter, it is was it is and has been for decades.

What is wrong with this cover? Let’s, for a second, put aside the airbrushed pretty picture and read the caption. Popular, Promising Student who was failed by his family…in or out of context the choice of words at the very least asks for empathy for him, Fell into radical Islam sounds like he didn’t choose to take that path.  The word Monster, that he became not is, almost becomes an R.L. Stein goose bump. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is glamorize and glorified and idolized. You would think that after the 1970 Charles Manson issue Rolling Stone would have gotten the hint that portraying a murderer and terrorist as a rock and roll star isn’t too cool.

Rolling Stone had stooped to an unacceptable tabloid level and I for one won’t buy this issue, and I buy every one.

Links To Jack

The links here are to approved web sites for all things Jack. There is tons more stuff out there, lots of visuals on YouTube but these links are from Jack to Jack.

Jack’s record studio and record label is Third Man Records. Some of the artists on this label are Jack’s bands The White Stripes; The Dead Weather; The Raconteurs and of course Jack’s solo stuff is here also. There are some pleasant surprises in the list of artists like Carl Sagan, yes that Carl Sagan, Tom Jones, yes that Tom Jones, Wanda Jackson, Loretta Lynn, yes that Loretta Lynn, Conan O’Brien, yes that Conan O’Brien, and Stephen Colbert, yes that Stephen Colbert.

Here is also the best resource for information on Tour Dates, scheduled interviews and tv appearances for Jack. If you get on the email list you’ll get up to date on magazine articles about or with Jack.

Third Man Records

also this link is to my You Tube playlists. I have lots of Jack, Jack and more Jack. (I also have lots of video about Los Alamos; J. Robert Oppenheimer; The Manhattan Project; the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima and tons of footage on Hydrogen Bomb tests all over the world.)

Jack White’s Blunderbuss Nominated for Album of The Year

Jack White’s first solo album Blunderbuss has been nominated for a Grammy, Album of The Year. He will be performing at the Grammy’s that will air Feb. 10th.

What Jack Has Done So Far


(I have no doubt that I do not include everything. Jack list of accomplishments is extensive, therefore this post may change as I come across more info).

Let’s start at the beginning of this incredible man’s life. John Anthony Gillis was born July 9th, 1975 in Detroit Michigan. He is the youngest of 10 kids. He had a strict Catholic upbringing attending Catholic schools. His dad, Gorman Gillis worked as a Maintenance engineer at the Archdiocese of Detroit where his mother, Teresa was the Cardinal’s secretary. He planned on going to Seminary school and becoming a Priest until he found out he couldn’t take his drum set.  Thank God for that.

He started playing music at the age of 6. In his late teens he got a job as an upholsterer. Upon discovery that a fellow employee was interested in starting up a band they decided to do just that. There was a small problem however, they both played the drums. Jack having always liked a challenge figured he would be the guitarist. The Upholsterer’s were born.

His first professional gig as a drummer was with Goober and the Peas.

After a handful of local bands he ventured on laying down some tracks on his own. He was dating a bartender named Meg White at the time and he asked her to play a couple of beats on the drums for him he wanted Meg to help him keep time while laying down the guitar track. The White Stripes were born.

“She played like a child” is how Jack describes Megs drumming. She had unbelievable rhythm and beat those drums with a child’s enthusiasm that knew no limitations, restrictions or technical knowledge of recording music. On September 21, 1996 Jack and Meg got married. Jack took Meg’s last name.

Publicly they presented themselves as brother and sister in the hope that this would keep the media focusing on their music and not on their relationship. It worked for several years until a reporter discovered the truth and of course informed the public. On March 24, 2000 they divorced. The White Stripes however did not break up. They played together until 2011. While still touring and recording with Meg, Jack formed a new band. Raconteurs were born.

While on tour with the Raconteurs Jack was experiencing vocal fatigue and asked the lead singer Allison Mossheart of the opening band The Kills to fill in on vocals for him. Something clicked between he and Allison. Jack went back to playing the drums and occasional guitar sharing lead vocals with Allison. The Dead Weather was born.

In 2011 after 10 years The White Stripes decided to call it quits. They didn’t dissolve the band because of differences personally or musically. This decision didn’t have anything to do with Jack’s other ventures either. As I understand it Jack wanted to end The White Stripes on a good note, pun intended. The White Stripes were not going to end up playing Casino’s performing ‘once upon a time’ hits because they hadn’t had a hit in years, or performing ‘oldies’ because they hadn’t recorded anything new in years.

Still with The Raconteurs and the Dead Weather, this year Jack released his first solo album Blunderbuss. For this album Jack put together an all-girl band, The Peacocks for some tracks and jams with a bunch of guys,  Los Buzzards. He recently performed in New York for an American Express presentation of Unstaged produced by Gary Oldman. This past spring he moved to Nashville where he opened his production company and recording studio Third Man Records. He produced Loretta Lynn’s Van Lear Rose for which he won a Grammy.He appears doing a duet with Loretta Portland Oregon and plays guitar on the track Family Album.He also recorded duets Wanda Jackson on an album he also produced. He produced Karen Ellison’s, Insane Clown Posse and Beck’s latest albums at Third Man Records also this year. He also wrote the theme song for the movie Quantum of Solace ‘Another Way To Die’ which he recorded with Alicia Keyes.

That is just his music career. He also had landed a role in the movie Cold Mountain acting alongside Nicole Kidman and Renee’ Zellwegar with whom he had a brief relationship after Meg and before Karen. He had a small part playing Elvis in the movie Walk Hard and was one of a string of celebrities in the documentary Coffee and Cigarettes where he and Meg do a segment titled Jack’s Tesla Coil. He was featured along with the legendary Jimmy Page of Led Zepplin and The Edge of U2 in the documentary It Might Get Loud. He and Meg put out a documentary called Under Great White Northern Lights (where fans get to see his new guitar named Rita, so named after Rita Hayworth which features her face on the backside) which follows their tour and mission to play every province in Canada which included several impromptu performances in places such as bowling alleys and pool halls, they even played for passengers on a bus. This documentary is also their final tour and features their final performance together. The White Stripes released another documentary Under the Black Pool Lights. Jack has 7 movie soundtracks credited to him including for the movie Cold Mountain. He has made appearances on Elvira Mistress of The Dark and American Pickers.

He is currently working on the soundtrack for the upcoming movie The Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp.

Vlad the Impaler: From Prince to Vampire

Vlad Tepesh has always been one of my favorite characters in history. As famous character as he is most people don’t know his story. Most people believe that the legend of Dracula came solely from Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

To understand how the Prince of Romania came to be a vampire you must understand the Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church. This ancient church never did and still doesn’t recognize the Pope in Rome as the head of the Church.

When Vlad needed money to support his war against the Turks he would have taken money from any source. The Orthodox Church would not offer him funds but the Roman Catholic Church did. The Orthodox Church considered this to be heresy and denounced Vlad. Eventually, they ended up excommunicating him. Excommunication means he will never enter the kingdom of heaven and he was condemned to walk as the undead through all eternity.

His reputation for being blood thirsty may or may not have been true but it was common practice, and still is today among many tribal people’s, to drink the blood of a defeated enemy. This would give the conqueror their power and their wisdom.

In Romania Vlad is a hero and considered to be one of the greatest Princes Romania ever had

The White Stripes Awards

In 2002 the single Fell in Love with a Girl was nominated for Best Video at the MTV Europe Music Awards. It was nominated for Video of the Year and won for Breakthrough Video, Best Special Effects and Best Editing at the MTV Video Music Awards. At the Shockwaves NME Awards The White Stripes were nominated for Best Band and Best New Act.

In 2003 the single Seven Nation Army won for Best Editing and was nominated for Best Group Video, Best Rock Video and Best Special Effects at the MTV Video Music Awards and nominated for Best Video at the MTV Europe Video Music Awards where the album Elephant was nominated for Best Album and The White Stripes won for Best Rock and were nominated for Best Group.

2004 saw The White Stripes win a BRIT Award for Best International Group and the album Elephant get a BRIT Award nomination for Best International Album. At the Grammy Awards Elephant walked away with a win for Best Alternative Music Performance and a nomination for Album of the Year. They scored a win for Best Rock Song for the single Seven Nation Army along with a nomination for Best Rock Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group. Elephant also got a nomination for Best Album at the Shockwaves MNE Awards where Seven Nation Army won for Best Single and The White Stripes were nominated for Best International Band. Elephant won Best International Album at the Meteor Music Awards in Ireland. The single Hardest Button To Button also scored a nomination for Best Video. Hardest Button To Button was also nominated for Best Direction, Breakthrough Video, Best Special Effects and Best Editing at the MTV Video Music Awards and MTV Europe nominated it for Best Video.

In 2005 the single Blue Orchid got 3 MTV nominations for Best Direction, Best Art Direction and Best Cinematography. In Europe MTV nominated The White Stripes Best Alternative.

2006 yielded The White Stripes a Meteor Music Award nomination for Best International Group. The album Get Behind Me Satan won a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Performance and a nomination for Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group for the single My Doorbell. The White Stripes were also nominated at the Brit Awards for Best International Group.

In 2007 The White Stripes were nominated at the MTV Europe Music Awards for Artists choice and here in America MTV nominated Icky Thump for Best Group Video. The White Stripes were also nominated for Favorite Alternative Artist at the American Music Awards.

In 2008 The White Stripes received 3 NME Awards USA nominations. For Indie/Alternative Band of the Year, Indie/Alternative Album of the Year and Indie/Alternative Track for the Album Icky Thump and title track Icky Thump. A win at the MTV Awards for Best Cinematography for Conquest which was also nominated for Best Art Direction. The album and single Icky Thump won a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Performance and another for Best Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group along with a nomination for Best Rock Song. The White Stripes were nominated for Best International Group at the BRIT Awards also.

In 2011 The White Stripes won another Grammy for Under Great White Northern Lights winning Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package along with a nomination for Best Long Form Music Video.

The White Stripes Albums and Songs


1999 The White Stripes (All songs written by Jack and Meg White unless otherwise noted)

Jimmy the Explorer

Stop Breaking Down (Robert Johnson/Junior Wells)

The Big Three Killed My Baby

Suzy Lee

Sugar Never Tasted So Good

Wasting My Time



Broken Bricks

When I Hear My Name



One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below)

Little People

Slicker Drips

St. James Infirmary Blues (Joe Primrose)

I Fought Piranhas

2000 De Stijl (All songs by Jack White unless otherwise noted)

You’re Pretty Good Looking (For A Girl)

Hello Operator

Little Bird

Apple Blossom

I’m Bound To Pack It Up

Death Letter (Son House)

Sister, Do You Know My Name?

Truth Doesn’t Make a Noise

A Boy’s Best Friend

Let’s Build A Home

Jumble Jumble

Why Can’t You Be Nicer To Me?

Your Southern Can Is Mine (Blind Willie McTell)

2001 White Blood Cells (All songs by Jack White unless otherwise noted)

Dirty Leaves and the Dirty Ground

Hotel Yorba

I’m Finding It Harder to Be a Gentleman

Fell in Love with a Girl


Little Room

The Union Forever

The Same Boy You’ve Always Known

We’re Going to Be Friends

Offend in Every Way

I Think I Smell A Rat


I Can’t Wait

Now Mary

I Can Learn

This Protector

2003 Elephant (All songs by Jack White unless otherwise noted)

Seven Nation Army

Black Math

There’s No Home for You Here

I Just Don’t Know What to Do with Myself (Burt Bacharach/Hal David)

In the Cold, Cold Night

I Want to Be the Boy to Warm Your Mother’s Heart

You’ve Got Her in Your Pocket

Ball and Biscuit

The Hardest Button to Button

Little Acorns (Mort Crim/Jack White)


The Air Near My Fingers

Girl You Have No Faith In Medicine

It’s True That We Love One Another

2005 Get Behind Me Satan (All songs by Jack White unless otherwise noted)

Blue Orchid

The Nurse

My Doorbell

Forever for Her (Is Over for Me)

Little Ghost

The Denial Twist

White Moon

Instinct Blues

Passive Manipulation

Take, Take, Take

As Ugly As I Seem

Red Rain

I’m Lonely (But I Ain’t That Lonely Yet)

2007 Icky Thump (All songs by Jack White unless otherwise noted)

Icky Thump

You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do as You’re Told)

300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues

Conquest (Cory Robbins)

Bone Broke

Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn

St. Andrews (This Battle Is In the Air)

Little Cream Soda

Rag and Bone

I’m Slowly Turning Into You

A Martyr for My Love For You

Catch Hell Blues

Cause and Effect

2010 Under Great White Northern Lights (All songs by Jack White III unless otherwise noted)

Let’s Shake Hands

Black Math

Little Ghost

Blue Orchid

The Union Forever

Ball and Biscuit

Icky Thump

I’m Slowly Turning Into You

Jolene (Dolly Parton)

300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues

We Are Going to Be Friends

I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself (Burt Bacharach/Hal David)

Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn

Fell In Love With a Girl

When I Hear My Name

Seven Nation Army

The Movie Troy and where it went wrong

First off this war lasted for 12 years.

Second off, Particles is not the younger cousin or nephew of Achilles, he is an older man and Achilles best friend.

Third, Hector does not slay Menelaus after Paris is beaten by him. Helen reunites with him and the Gods send them to a remote Island where Menelaus is blind and there is no one to admire Helens beauty for the rest of her life.

Fourth, Achilles does not take Perseus as his captive he takes a slave girl from another village.

Fifth, Hector does not slay Ajax. Hector is severely injured by Ajax early in the first year of the war and does not recover for 5 years.

Sixth, Paris is poisoned by his wife and does not live to shoot the arrow into Achilles heal, The God Apollo disguised as Paris shoots the arrow, remember Achilles cannot be killed by a mortal man and he did piss Apollo off when he cut off the statues head.

Seventh, The Gods are very much in the middle of the entire battle.

The Beauty Pageant Custody Case

A man is suing his ex-wife for custody of their 4 year old daughter on the grounds that his ex-wife sexually exploited their 4 year old daughter when putting her in a beauty pageant. The mother’s defense is focused around the dad not liking beauty pageants, claiming that pageants have given her 4 year old confidence, built her self-esteem and points out the money, scholarships and ‘exposure’ to modeling agencies etc. are why she does this. . It is being said that this case for set a precedent for future custody cases with arguments like ‘what’s next, allowing one parent to get custody because they don’t want their kid playing baseball and the other let them?’.

First let me explain what exactly prompted this. This 4 year old girl was dressed up to look like Dolly Parton. Wig, false teeth, fake eyelashes, lots of makeup and yes, fake breast proportionate to Dolly Parton’s.

First there is the obvious flaw in most arguments for pageants. These girls as young as 1 year old are not being judged or winning on their beauty or their talent. It is almost impossible to even see what they really look like. They were makeup, wigs, fake teeth, colored contacts, false eyelashes, padded bras, girdles, and wear outfits you would see on WOMEN in a show in Vegas. It’s a cs, and wear outfits you would see on WOMEN in a show in Vegas. It’s a costume contest. They look like little drag queens.

Second and most importantly they walk and dance EXTREMELY provocative. Remember these girls are as young as a year old.

Let’s look at the real problem here. The irresponsibility of the beauty pageant world and the mothers that subject their daughters to them is unbelievable and unacceptable. The entire pageant world and every mother who subjects their daughters to this should be on trial. These little girls don’t have to be naked for this to be sexual exploitation. Because it isn’t kiddie ‘porn’ it goes unchecked and unregulated. Don’t misunderstand me I am not saying beauty pageants are wrong or that they exploit women. Pageants do do a lot for girls and young women. They can win scholarship money and get exposure to help a modeling or acting etc. career. But allowing, judging and publicly showing these LITTLE GIRLS dressed like they dance in Vegas, made up to look like women and not little girls and dancing provocative is sexual exploitation.

Prince Harry and The Taliban Hit List

I will be the first to admit I have an obsession with British Royalty all throughout history. I have a soft spot for the Windsors. I admired and respected Princess Diana, felt her death deeply, feel sorry for Prince Charles (I am happy for him and Camilla), respect Queen Elizabeth II, feel a sense of elation that William will be King, and an awesome king at that, adore Kate as his bride and have absolute faith in her ability to be a GREAT Queen.

So it goes without saying that I am stressed and worried for Prince Harry. I have utter respect and admiration for him fighting in Afghanistan. My respect has grown immensely because he has not run home after it was announce he is now on the Taliban Hit List.

I wouldn’t presume to question the decisions of the Queen, but wonder if anyone considered the fact that all those fighting beside Harry are pretty much on this hit list by default. I don’t have any suggestions on how to deal with this except maybe kill all of those assholes and end this shit.

I do know that Diana would be proud of Harry and I believe she would not tell him to come home.

Get home safe Prince Harry.

Pet Peeve no. 1 The use of B.C. and A.D.

Don’t let my title mislead you, this is not my number one pet peeve, as far as my pet peeve posts it is the first one.

It’s wrong! Legally, around the world it is now B.C.E for Before Common Era and C.E. for Common Era.

It was changed for what I think were obvious reasons…the world has MANY religions besides Christianity. B.C. is for Before Christ and A.D. is for Anno Domini or The year of our Lord, meaning of course Jesus Christ.

Okay, my pet peeve is that B.C. and A.D. are constantly used by institutions and individuals, educational institutions as well as legal institutions as well as authors, reputable historians and college professors. The history channel airs documentaries that do this all the time. The history channel’s shows are always making this mistake. I don’t mean books, lectures or scripts that were written prior to this change, I mean new stuff, as new as yesterday. Shouldn’t universities, textbooks at all levels, legal documents and historians get it right?

It really irritates me.

Pet Peeve No 2 Shopping Carts

Shopping carts left anywhere and everywhere in the grocery store parking lot. I use this particular aggravation as ‘the epitome of laziness’ lesson for my daughter. That’s exactly what it is. I detest laziness. I don’t mean lying around the house watching TV at home lazy, or watching a show you hate that came on after the one you were watching because you don’t know where the remote is and you don’t want to get up and change the channel lazy.

Public laziness is rude. It makes no difference if they leave the cart right where it was when they were done unloading their groceries in their car because they are too lazy to walk the 1 yard to the cart corral which is right next to where they are parked, or in the middle of the parking spot next to them preventing someone from being able to park there or pushed to the front of their vehicle before pulling away. My mama raised me to have better manners than that.

And the self-centered people who flippantly have the attitude that there are employees who are paid to walk around collecting these carts are the worst because they presume this gives them the right to behave this way.

Well it’s not okay and if I ever saw or knew of my daughter behaving that way I would be ashamed.

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