Salt and Fire

This film was directed by Werner Herzog. I know him from his film Dinotasia but he does a variety of off the cuff films that bring awareness to various historical events.  Lawrence Krauss has a supporting role in the film, his film debut was quite entertaining.

The films intention was to bring awareness to climate change. This was meant to be a different point of view than the film Before The Flood but about the same subject of climate change.

I found the film hard to follow. I was left with a feeling of ‘what was that all about’. With the dialogue that followed I understood what Herzog was aiming for but I personally felt he fell short. Jeffrey Sachs was also on stage for the dialogue, he is an economist who currently works in Washington with Congress providing advice that isn’t very often listened to regarding the need for funding to fight climate change. He was very outspoken about the refusal to acknowledge this disaster on Capitol Hill. Krauss was as I said entertaining in the film and I loved it.

It was worth going to see because Krauss was in it but I didn’t think much of the film otherwise to be honest. Still a great cause to bring awareness to climate change and props to Krauss for doing so.



Before The Flood

This film was directed by Fisher Stevens, I remembered him from the movie Short Circuit. Leonardo DiCaprio narrates and travels the world speaking to experts and speaking before large audiences about climate  change. It is a very powerful deliverance of the dangers of ignoring this disaster. There is continuously stunning footage how the world is slowing warming and offers strong evidence and scientific data to back up these claims. DiCaprio is admirably using his celebrity status to promote awareness for this cause. I found the film informative and captivating, even for someone who is painfully aware of what is happening there is more too see here.

Krauss had a great conversation with Fisher Stevens following the film. It is very obvious that bringing awareness to climate change is something both Stevens and DiCaprio believe in wholeheartedly and that they are not in this for the fame or the glory but for the good of mankind.

And as always Professor Krauss was warm, friendly and enthusiastic after the event at the book signing. I am out of books for him to sign but he did sign my program and graciously took a photo with me.19401891_10214004907145158_2225545743545626441_o

Frontline: The War In Syria

There are several episodes in this series ‘Syria At War’. I recommend all of them.

I consider Frontline to be one of the most credible sources out there. For the past few decades I have counted on them for factual reports of events around the world. I trust PBS, always have. One doesn’t need to do much more than consider Frontlines sources and to consider who they interview and where they get their stories from.

For a comprehensive understanding of what is going on in Syria, who is Assad and what is his regime capable of , what ISIS has to do with it and where they came from as well as how they rose to power. An in depth understanding of how Obama and his administration played a part in the war in Syria and the rise of ISIS as well as an inside look at Putin’s Russia, a factor that has yet to reveal it’s influence.

I recommend starting with Obama’s War and the Inside Assad’s Regime.



MISS Representation


An insightful look at how media, including national news, misrepresents women and causes political efficacy. Interviews with great women like Hilary Clinton, Katie Couric, Geena Davis and many professional and educated women in media, the press, film, politics and educational fields. Brought tears to my eyes more than once.

I give this 5 plus stars

It is available on Netflix




Interviews with the men who stood on the winners podiums during the Olympics in 1968 and did the Black Power Salute.

I give this 5 stars.

It is a available on Netflix

Berkeley In The Sixties



This is a great look at the most progressive college campus during the radical sixties. Interviews with actual protesters who had a hand in the great political rallies that led to the draft protests, the Vietnam War protests, Womens Rights movements and Civil Rights……plus much much more.

I give it  5 stars.

It is available on Netflix

The Rape Of Europa



This documentary covers a side to Hitler’s crimes that I personally never thought about; the stealing of great works of Art for himself and his Nazi Elite, much of which has never been recovered.

I give it 4 stars.

It is available on Netflix




This is a great inside look at the right wing news network, Fox News. Former and current newscasters and producers tell all about the biased and religious right that runs this show.

I give it 4 stars.

It is available on Netflix

Fog Of War



The Eleven Lessons of Robert Macnamara is a tell all from the man himself about his years as Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam War, The Cuban Missile Crisis and beyond. You see a man who bares his soul for reckoning, who admits to committing crimes against humanity but offers no regrets. It is an eye opening look into the minds of the men who almost engaged America in Nuclear War, the closest we ever came to it becoming a reality was under Macnamara’s watch.

I give this documentary  5 stars.

It is available on You Tube.

Secrets Of The Dead; The Worlds Biggest Bomb


Written by Andy Webb and narrated by Liev Schreiber this excellent documentary is about the Atomic Bombs Fat Man and Little Boy. I give it 5 stars.

The Invisible War


Written and Directed by Kirby Dick and released in 2012 this disturbing documentary interviews real victims of rape in the military. These stories reveal the injustice and the corruption of the way rape is handled or rather not handled in the military. I highly recommend this documentary and give it 5 stars.



The history of the Crown in England.

The history of the Crown in England.

This eleven episode series is honestly the best documentary on the history of the English Monarchy. David Starky is a respected Historian who speaks like a true English Gentleman while taking the viewer back to the birth of Christendom and the crowning of the first King, King Albert. The topics of each Monarch to our present Queen Elizabeth II cover inside the royal family courts following marriages,  successions, wars for the throne, murders, royal executions all while brilliantly including the religious history without bias or opinion.

Starky pulls most of his facts straight from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and gives a memorable gift of taking the viewer to the shelves of some of the oldest libraries that house the rarest volumes in Britain. The is the added treat of a look at the exquisite hand painted pages of the ancient texts.

This documentary gets 6 stars, out of 5.

Selling God


This documentary is a  satirical look at Evangelical Christian Churches and the ‘business’ behind them. It gives viewers a precise summarized history of religion from the birth of Christ on. There are brief interviews with noted scholars and theologians who give their interpretation of doctrine and scripture. The makers of this film express a view of how ingenious those behind Mega Churches marketing techniques contribute to the growth and numbers of Evangelicals.

I got a lot of useful information, a few laughs and a different way of looking at Evangelical Churches. I give this documentary 4 stars.

You can watch this on Netflix.

Atomic Cafe

MV5BMjEyNzY5NjMzMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODM5ODkxMQ@@._V1._SY317_CR2,0,214,317_The documentary begins with The Trinity Test. Great footage of the Gadget and the explosion. The interview with Paul Tibbets, the pilot of the Enola Gay, is footage of interviews I had never seen before. Having watched dozens of documentaries on this subject I have seen roughly that many clips with Tibbets and it is usually the bits of the same few minutes of footage.

There is a lot of great footage throughout the film. The interviews with the rest of the flight team of the Enola Gay was the first I’d seen also. Some of what was shown would have caused court marshals had it been aired 50 years ago. The footage of the damage done to both Hiroshima and Nagasaki is disturbing and being shown while Tibbits is speaking in the background makes an impact.

From there it goes into the communist scare that paralyzed America after WWII and has great radio and television broadcasts covering the testing of Atomic and Hydrogen bomb tests done in Bikini Atoll in the 50′s.

There is a focus on the propaganda used to convince the public of the rightousness and necessity of these bombs.

I was informed, appalled, ashamed, sickened and angry after watching this documentary, which is not a bad thing.

I give it 5 stars.

Available on Netflix.

Radio Bikini

220px-DVD_cover_of_Radio_Bikini Interviews with military personnel who were assigned to Operation Crossroads. The testing of nuclear weapons on the Pacific Island of Bikini was done after we bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The bombs used were designed and built in Los Alamos N.M. Neither military men participating nor the island people were told the truth about what was really going on. Interviews done within the last decade with those who were there testify to that fact and the fact that they were lied to about what would happen to them from the effects of these bombs. New footage of Truman’s speeches are more proof of the war criminal that he was. The propaganda sold to the public actually said these tests were necessary to over throw Soviet Russia. Again I am amazed at how little the people in the US and around the world know and knew about what the government was doing. The evidence in this film is overwhelming and should incite anger around the world. The bombs Fat Man and Little Boy that were dropped on Japan were more than enough ‘testing’ of Atomic Bombs. The insult to the American people and the Islanders is beyond belief. Footage of the damage done to our own military ships and soldiers is unbelievable. I highly recommend this documentary as one of the most informative I’ve seen. I give it 5 stars. This documentary is available on Netflix.

It Might Get Loud




This is a very different look at 3 different and unique legendary guitarists. Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White.  These guitarists were looked at as individuals. Their tastes in music, where they came from, their influences and of course their guitars. All three have been members of bands; Jimmy Page played with Led Zepplin and The Firm, Jack White played with The Upholsterers and the White Stripes, currently plays with The Raconteurs and the Dead Weather while also recently releasing his first solo album and The Edge currently plays with U2. Their band histories were touched on but they were not the main focus. They each discussed their outlook on music and the instruments they play.

I honestly didn’t quite agree with or understand why The Edge was included along side the beyond legendary Jimmy Page and the unbelievably phenomenal Jack White. I respect The Edge as a guitarist but feel he  was way out of place with these two who are way out of his league. Never the less it did not take away any rave reviews I give to it.

This documentary is a great introduction to Jack White (he is incredibly multi-faceted and I recommend reading my posts about him to learn more). He is very unique in many ways and very old school. He is only 37 but has accomplished more than most in an entire life time. You will see him make a guitar from some wood, wire and a coke bottle he finds in a gas station parking lot that sounds like a custom Les Paul when he plays it. You will see him play a solo with the Raconteurs where he played till his fingers bleed. You will hear his thoughts on where music is going and how he stays out of mainstream ruts. Jack shares his guitars with you and his favorite song.

This documentary gives you a new look at an old friend, Jimmy Page. You will see him at 15 on a British variety show and you will revisit some legendary guitar solos while he was with Led Zepplin. You will see him with an ear to ear grin (that warmed my heart) when he shares his favorite song. He lets you in on a couple of Zepplin’s recording secrets and he shares his guitar with you.

This documentary gives you insight on The Edge’s  obsession over the perfect note and his use of electronics in the recording studio. You get a glimpse of what it was like for a band to make it in Ireland and how the religious war keeps the country from being up with progress in the music world. He shares with you the first place he ever plays and his guitars.

The three of them discuss their thoughts about their favorite songs with each other and why they play the guitars they play. The final scene is an awesome treat of the three of them playing together.

I highly recommend this documentary. I give it 5 stars.

You can view this documentary on You Tube.

Flock of Dodo’s:The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus

This documentary explores the controversy surrounding the teaching of Intelligent Design in school. It also examines Evolution and why it those who oppose it do so and vice-versa.

What I got out of a Flock of Dodo’s was just how much a threat there was to the teaching of Intelligent Design in our schools. My thoughts of just how ignorant these Design believers were reaffirmed.

The guy who did this documentary does so from a very personal point of view but includes loads of opinions of the educated, the politicians, people on the street, religious conservatives and fundamentalists.

I give this documentary 3 1/2 stars.

Available on Netflix

Zeitgeist The Movie

This documentary was a real eye opener. It makes some very interesting and informative connections between Religion and Astrology. With lots of sources to back claims up it brings to light the countless similarities between different Gods throughout history and the astrological connections behind them. It stands on the side of informing viewers of the political and human ambition behind the fraudulent use of Religion throughout history and today.

I got a history lesson about the financial institutions control of war and the economy. The claims for conspiracy theories behind 9/11 are backed up with photos, interviews with credible witnesses (like first responders) and facts that are hard to deny. Connections between the Bush’s and the wealthy financiers over the last few decades are well documented and the propaganda strategies stolen from the Nazi’s are frightening. The biggest eye opener for me had to be the possibility that Presidents in this century not only provoked attacks on Americans that took the US into WWI, WWII, the Viet Nam War, and the current wars in the Middle East but did nothing to stop them.

This documentary provides it’s sources and even has a web site with a resource guide backing up all it’s claims and information.

I walked away informed and enlightened.

I give this documentary 5 stars.

You can watch this on Netflix.

Atheism Tapes

Director: Richard Denton
Stars: Jonathan Miller

Jonathon Miller is a neurologist and playwright. And he has been an Atheist all his life.

This documentary is a result of interviews Miller did for A Brief History of Disbelief but were edited out. Miller released these interviews in Atheism Tapes.

He conducts these interview in the homes of philosopher Colin McGinn, author Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett,  playwright Arthur Miller, theologian Denys Turner and physicist Steven Weinberg. These discussions are very casual, honest, candid and informative. The thoughts of Atheists, philosophers, scientists, playwrights and theologians in one video.

I came away with some new outlook, not on the existence of God but on ‘his’ as they all called ‘him’ personality if you will.  I learned more about the views of different ‘religions’ I guess you would say how what these men did for a living didn’t dictate their religious beliefs but how their religious beliefs dictated what they did for a living. How as the grew up their education is what changed their religious views not how they grew up. I walked away going hmmmmm and my teenage daughter walked away enlightened.

This in my opinion is what a good documentary does. I give it 5 stars. Excellent.

You can watch it online or Netflix.

Countdown To Zero

 Director: Lucy Walker

Stars: Graham Allison, James Baker III and Bruce Blair

This is an informative and well researched documentary. It covers the first atomic bombs, J Robert Oppenheimer and his team of scientists in Los Alamos for the Manhattan Project.  The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (yes there were two bombs dropped). Fat Man and Little Boy. This documentary goes beyond these events to look at the threats of nuclear war and the availability of nuclear components.

 The film footage is awesome, the presentation is interesting and it is well researched.

 I found no errors in history concerning Oppie, Los Alamos, or the Manhattan project. The film footage was awesome. I learned some new things. My teenage daughter walked away better informed. It does have an anti nuclear weapons tone to it. The information is heavy on the cons and not the pros. I walked away surprised, more informed and my teenage daughter became more aware of the influence Los Alamos had on the world.

 I give this documentary 5 stars. Excellent.

Available on Netflix.

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