About me, Rene Lovato Davis

I am a mother and grandmother. My father was Mexican and Irish, my mother was Pennsylvania Dutch. I was born in Albuquerque on Kirkland Air Force Base, Navy brat, but I grew up in Los Alamos New Mexico. I am always surprised and disappointed at how few people have heard of Los Alamos and know nothing of its place in history. I’ll give it away, Los Alamos is where J Robert Oppenheimer chose to bring his team of Nobel Prize winning scientists and build the worlds first Atomic Bombs, Fat Man and Little Boy which Truman ordered dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August of 1945 against the petitioned protests of the scientists who made it.  That is that act I believe he should have been charged with a war crime for. After which he continued to look to Los Alamos and scientist Edward Teller to build the more powerful Hydrogen Bomb which he ordered ‘tested’ in the Bikini Atolls hundreds of times. It is those acts for which I believe he committed crimes against humanity.

I have a passion for learning. My pride and joy is my library which has almost a thousand books. I have nearly read them all, so far.

I am an activist, a feminist who is passionate, opinionated and well read in history, theology, philosophy, politics, Constitutional law and our criminal justice system. I believe the Catholic Church should be held accountable for its crimes against humanity and blame organized religion for the woes in the world.  I have little to know reverence for most of history’s ‘greatest thinkers’ such as Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Kant and Descartes to name a few, or our Founding Father’s (especially Thomas Jefferson) for their views on women, their oppression of them and for their belief that some men were born to be slaves and supported the ownership of them. As for Jefferson whose words ‘All MEN are created equal…etc. are revered as scripture regardless of the fact that he refused to free his own slaves. I label him a rapist, as he father more than 40 illegitimate children with his female slaves, and a human trafficker which is what slave owners really were. I also believe the Constitution needs to be ‘updated’ and that the Bill of Rights needs to be re-written all together, excluding all references to ‘he’, ‘him’ and ‘his’.  I stand up and speak out against the abuse of animals.

I see indifference as mankind’s greatest ‘sin’, for lack of a better word, and have no tolerance for it. I feel a sense of despair due to lack of character in almost everyone I have ever known.  I am empathetic but have little to no sympathy for most people.  I raise my daughters to know truth about everything, teach them as much as possible about all religions, political views, the history of all crimes against humanity; women, Jews and non-white ethnicities to enable them to make their own intelligent choices in their religious beliefs secular or otherwise, their political views and what they will choose to stand up and fight for.

I love to laugh, dance and be silly with my grandsons. I have 3 dogs whom I love and spoil rotten. I am married to a man who respects me, my opinions, my passions and my daughters. He makes me laugh everyday and he has a gentle hand with our animals.

This blog is my soapbox that helps me cope with all the anger this world causes to rise up in me and keeps me sane. Enjoy.


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