Still Not Happy With Elton John

I have posted about this before, but I was watching CBS Sunday Morning earlier and they interviewed Sir Elton; there was discussion about the large number of songs, how songs were written etc and it brought back some negative feelings, disappointment and even anger I felt towards him over his making ‘Candle in the Wind’ Princess Diana’s song when he played it at her funeral. For those who may not be familiar, Candle In The Wind was written by he and Bernie and released on Yellow Brick Road. It was written for Marilyn Monroe, even has her real name Norma Jean in the first line.

Now, here is my issue with this though the first should be obvious. How rude is it to just discard Marilyn like that? Oh she isn’t worthy of her song anymore because someone better died? It was obviously, or at least it used to be, written with a lot of heart and love for her if you listen to the emotion in the music and the words of endearment.

Here is my second and most angering issue; didn’t Diana deserve for him to write a new song for her? Given the large number of songs this duo wrote I find it hard to believe they couldn’t come up with a new one, actually SIR Elton, one would think, should have been inspired by the loss his very good friend who was also his countries Princess; it was because of her he received the title of Knighthood.

What a shallow and insensitive thing for him to do. Though giving a woman a previous girlfriends engagement ring pales in comparison…you get my drift.


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