Is It Really My Business To Know Your Worth?

I was raised to believe that asking someone how much money they had was rude. I was also raised to believe that someone who brags about how much money they are worth were rude.

I am in no way, by any means what-so-ever defending or sticking up for Donald Trump; and this applies to any or all political candidates, what gives anyone the right to ask demand to see tax returns to prove how much money they have?

Sure we have the right to ask this of those that are paid with tax payers dollars, like Senators, Congressmen and yes the President. We have the right to ask their salary for that office, not how much money they have from any other means. No right what so ever in my opinion.

Of course their are exceptions like if any of these politicians are guilty of some crime involving the money the make I don’t see how it is anyone’s business how much anyone is worth.


3 responses to “Is It Really My Business To Know Your Worth?

  1. When it comes to public office, we ought to know where a candidate’s money originates, how much they pay in taxes, which parties they’re beholden to. Too often, they’re owned by others and it’s kept secret.


    • I agree with you to a point. We the general public don’t have a right to know all of that info, unless they have been charged or found guilty of any illegal activity; in other words of the IRS or Congress hasn’t raised any flags………unfortunately being owned in the sense I think you mean it; isn’t illegal. It may be unethical but it is not illegal. Whatever is deemed public information for them as a citizen should apply. I firmly think salaries should be public info but tax returns? No.


      • Look into Frank Guinta’s financial dealings. His own mother says he’s crooked. He, unfortunately, is the U.S. Representative from my district. And it says everything about his character.


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