Johnny Depp – Finding The Creativity In Madness

The very first question that comes to mind is why would Lawrence Krauss be interviewing Johnny Depp for an Origins Project Dialogue? Professor Krauss and several unnamed colleagues are do some research on madness in the minds of those with a higher than average IQ. There are many reasons to understand this mentality; look at Hitler for example. Madness in a brilliant mind can be very dangerous, or it can be very creative. Johnny Depp is brilliant, creative and very very mad.

Krauss is developing an interview style much like the master himself; James Lipton. IT was all together a wonderful, warm, funny, informative and all around enjoyable evening. Depp opened up about his childhood, told stories about the great Hunter S. Thompson and let the audience in a few secrets about upcoming stuff.

The even shook hands and agreed to make a movie about an unsong great character in history Thomas Paine. Should be interesting.

I am looking forward to Professor Krauss’ next dialogue!

Here are the links:

Johnny Depp Part 1

Johnny Depp Part 2


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