To Pray or Not To Pray…That Is The Question

Recently the Church of Satan in Phoenix challenged the City Council when the tried to requested to say the opening prayer at a City Council Meeting. The City Council opens every public meeting with a prayer; a Christian prayer. The Council members reacted by holding an emergency meeting to decide what to do. They took a vote; not a vote on whether or not to let the Satanists say the opening prayer, this of course would have ended up in the State Supreme Courts where chances are the Council would have lost. They took a vote on whether or not to ban prayer all together at their Council meetings. The council voted 5 – 4 to ban prayer, rather than let the Satanists have their say. Talk about cutting of your nose to spite your face.

So who really won? Many say the Church of Satan really won, claiming that a ban on prayer is what they really wanted. Some say the Council and it’s Christian members one by not letting the Satanists say the prayer. I would say us Atheists and the Secular won this one. Let’s here if for no public prayer at Council meetings.

5 responses to “To Pray or Not To Pray…That Is The Question

  1. It was the Satanic Temple, not the Church of Satan, who tried to do a Satanic invocation at the start of the Phoenix City Council meeting. And, unfortunately, that’s not the end of the story. The city council decided to bring back the prayer tradition, but only allow police or fire department chaplains to do the prayers. It looks like this one is going to go to the courts, after all.

    Also, the majority of members of the Satanic Temple (and the Church of Satan, for that matter) are atheists.

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  2. An old friend

    Why does it always come down to winning? Why is that always the goal?

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