Politically Remiss

As of late I have been somewhat remiss in political blogs. Though I have indulged in a few rants on social media, none have been up to the usual level of my rants. After much contemplation on this matter this lack of ranting has been in part because once I get started, given the current Presidential Campaign candidates on the Republican side I am actually to angry; appalled; taken aback and just plain embarrassed.

Be that as it may I can sum up the entire line up in one paragraph; Trump thinks this campaign is a performance, like he is the star of his own reality show. My only hope is that those that are supporting him are just enjoying the show and when it comes down to actually voting for him they won’t do it; this is assuming he actually wins the Republican ticket. Scarier still is the fact that Cruz and Rubio are even scarier. Their phony Right Wing good old boy Conservative Christian act is very very dangerous; especially for women. The scariest of all is that of the lot Jeb Bush is the least threat, and I have no doubt that either Democrat that will be running will have the best chance running against him.

Now to the democrats. I like Bernie but I think he is unrealistic about many things. Socialism in theory is not a bad thing but in a Capitalistic nation it just won’t work. The only thing I hold against Bernie is his wife. Why does she matter? Because as First Lady she will have many responsibilities and she will have the ability to make changes to many things concerning women’s issues, educational issues and many social and cultural issues as well, here and abroad. I don’t think she has the personality, the experience, the education or the gumption to be the kind of first lady that Hillary, Eleanor, Dolly, Jackie or even Nancy was. I won’t be upset if Bernie wins but I am a Hillary girl all the way and I will tell you why.

Hillary Rodham Clinton had me at ‘Women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights once and for all’. She went to the Fourth World Conference on Women in 1995 in Beijing. This is the whole speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXM4E23Efvk  . She was First Lady at the time and our government was strongly opposed to her going but she went anyway and not only did she go she gave a no holds barred speech about the violence and oppression against women that no one had ever spoke out about, especially not the First Lady of the United States and never so bluntly and graphically. She held nothing back and it was beautiful and empowering and it worked. She made a difference in the final outcome of the agreements come to by every nation in the world, over 180 governmental organizations and they made official

Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action .


Yes, the fact that she is a woman greatly influences my supporting her, but not just because she is a woman. I would not support just any woman; absolutely not Sarah Palin or Carly Fiorina. Elizabeth Warren absolutely yes. Hillary has the most experience having been a Senator, Secretary of State and a First Lady; twice. But the most important factor is what she has done for women around the world.



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