Obama’s Decisions About Syria; Or Lack There Of

It boils down to this, Obama blew it when he didn’t help the Syrian Rebels when they first started fighting back against Assad, for that matter Obama should have acted when Assad first started killing his own people. Yes there were valid political reasons for his decisions but the had to have been something, or at least more he could of done than he did.

Because he didn’t help the Rebels, ISIS stepped up and offered to help the Rebel’s and many accepted their help and even fought with them, but even if no one accepted their help I am willing to bet they would have started fighting Assad anyway. Not out of the kindness of their hearts or even to help fellow Muslims, they are fighting Assad to take the country away from him and when they do they will be no less tyrannical to the Syrian people.

Because he didn’t act when Assad started killing his own people Russia was able to step up without declaring war on the Western world and therefore he moves ever close to his goal of expanding Russian territory. Needless to say America will not take arms against Russia, some even call them our allies. So at this point if we help Syria that is what we will be doing, we will be not only aiding terrorists but we will be taking on formidable foe in Putin. I we help Assad and Putin against ISIS we are helping as mass murdering war criminal. It’s a lose lose situation.

Many Americans don’t see the big picture, what they see is that we aren’t helping fight ISIS, therefore helping terrorism.

It seems to me that not getting involved at this point is a brilliant move. Why risk American lives, spend money this country doesn’t have and why deplete our supplies when if we wait this out till either ISIS wins or Assad wins then if going to war is still the only option we have only one enemy, but make no mistake immediate action has to happen. If we hesitate or try to negotiate or impose more useless sanctions either side will maintain their momentum, ISIS will continue where Assad left off in his attack on the Syrians; If Assad wins this war the Syrians will pay for their crimes against their sovereign with their lives and their fellow Syrians will once again be living under the oppressive regime.

But what is most likely is Obama is hoping that Putin will be able to defeat ISIS. Then under this assumption that he is our ally he will try to play politics and negotiate away Assad’s regime. Which will be a mistake. Will it affect us here at home? Not in the traditional sense, but anyone of conscious will acknowledge the immorality of indifference to the crimes against humanity Assad’s regime has and will commit.

So what do we do? We sit it out and wait.

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