Retiring The Louisiana Fleur de Lis Flag Along Side the Battle/Confederate Flag

I just read an article about the issue of the state of Louisiana and the fleur de lis symbol on flags. Unlike the Battle/Confederate flag that has become of symbol representing our history of slavery and whether or not it actually does represent that; the fleur de lis is now and started out as a symbol flown by slave owners in support of slavery. The words fleur de lis are French for ‘black code’. This symbol was branded on the shoulders of slaves who tried to run away so white people knew that slave was not an obedient one. It is without question on either side a symbol of oppression. The argument here is not what that flag represents the issue is should the Fleur de Lis flag be flown or should it come down and placed in a museum. In response to the words in the article “when does it stop” I say this. It stops when all symbols of hate and oppression are no longer proudly flown. Yes it seems extreme, yes it is a difficult process sometimes given that this particular symbol is so ingrained in Louisiana architecture etc., But if we preach and practice really ending all hate and prejudices against all human beings, then a lot of changes have to be made. People have died for less. No longer flying a flag really isn’t that big of a deal. I am not saying tear down buildings or remove walls. Just stop flying these flags of oppression. If we are no longer slave owners then this symbol has served it’s purpose and it’s time is done. Take it down.


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