This is an in depth documentary that interviews and features the crew of the Enola Gay as well as the crews of the other 2 planes that flew with her when she dropped the Little Boy on the city of Hiroshima including a candid interview with Kernel Tibbits the pilot of the Enola Gay. This film is a combination of reinactments and actual footage. Unfortunately unless you know what people like J. Robert Oppenheimer, General Leslie Groves or other people featured you have to rely on being able to tell the difference between the two by the film and photography quality. Usually interviews with real people had subtitles with names and what they did. There is a lot of accurate history represented going back to The Gadget test at Trinity to details about Tinian Island as well as events from Pearl Harbor and the war before the bomb. There is definitely a subtle attempt to justify the bombs use on these cities with the inclusion of the number and type of military troops there with emphasis on insisting the city was a military target. Interviews with Japanese soldiers and pilots along with the gut wrenching stories from survivors gives you a rare look at the other side. There is in depth coverage on Stalin and Truman and how the United States handled the medical relief for the victims. I highly recommend this 5 star documentary.


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