Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham

Bill Nye accepted a challenge from Ken Ham to engage in a Evolution vs. Creation debate.  I gotta say Bill Nye proved to be a worthy anti – creation spokesperson.  By the same token, Ken Ham proved to be a worthy anti – creation spokesperson. Yes that was ironic sarcasm.

Even if you were neutral on this subject before watching this debate and Bill Nye failed to sway to the evolutionary side, Ken Ham definitely would have swayed you to the evolutionary side. He was very articulate on his points and clearly explained exactly what it was that he as a creationist believed. He was very informative and specific as too why he as a creationist believed that the earth was 6017 years old. He was able to quote scripture by book and verse which made the verification of his ‘facts’ easy. I use the word facts with a sarcastic tone because Ken Ham believes that The Bible is absolute factual and accurate historical time line of God’s Creation of Earth, mankind and all events which man has born witness to since his creation.

Ken Hams focal point of his argument is that Evolution cannot be proven because no one can or has observed the age of the earth. He used the example that one can see or observe that the earth is not flat, that is round but that no one can see or observe how old the earth is. He also referenced the Grand Canyon by saying that on can see or observe the many layers of fossils that are there but than no one can saw or observed when they getting there. This is what he calls being an Observational Scientist and not, as he coined Bill Nye as being, a Historical  Scientist.

He stated, and I quote, “There is only one infallible dating method and that is a witness who was there – who knows everything, who told us and that is from the word of God”. My argument to Ken Ham is this. First, Moses is credited as having written the book of Genesis, and Exodus, Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Moses wasn’t born until 2368 years after the Biblical date of Creation. This, according to his own ‘rules’ is not an eye witness account. This is one man saying that everything in those first books of the Old Testament is what God told him, only him…

That being said. This is how Ken Ham explained was his proof that the Biblical account is the right one for how old the earth is.

There was no death before original sin, this was the sin committed by Adam and Eve, Adam and Eve were ‘created 6017 hundred years ago so how can there be any let alone so many ‘dead things’ that are millions of years old?

Ken Hams argument against evolution is that, according to Darwin life has one point of origin, that all life is descended from the same point of origin.

–  God commanded Noah to build the ark and on put 2 of each kind of animal he clearly said one male and one female of each KIND….2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 elephants and so on not 2 of each species of dog or for example 2 St Bernards and 2 Pit Bulls and 2 Poodles and so on. That ‘each kind after its own kind not all kinds after one kind.

Ken Ham argues that Bill Nye believes that Human remains with evidence of disease like brain tumors or cancer for example can be dated to be hundreds of thousands of years old. He states this is cannot possible be true because

The Bible specifically says what year God punishes mankind, again for Original Sin and condemned man kind to suffer from disease and suffering proving that there was no disease or things like brain tumors before Original Sin.

Ken Ham goes on to argue against Bill Nye’s dating plants with thorns, dating the age of human teeth, i.e. canines used to enable us to eat meat and Nye’s argument that all races descended from one point of origin of one race by stating the Biblical account of God not giving man permission to eat meat until after The Flood, of God preventing man from enjoying the fruits of trees by giving them thorns and finally that The Tower of Babel is when and where God gave man many different languages and this proves that there were many different races.

Ham also argues that though science may explain how we came to be here it fails to answer the age old question of why we came to be. He offers this as the reason why….

– God created everything to prove how powerful and almighty he is. That he created everything to make us see how infinite and all knowing his power is.

Sadly Ken Ham said that when he looks in wonder at the universe around him and the Earth beneath him he realizes how small and insignificant he is in the grand scheme of things. He emphasizes how remarkable God is to bother to take the time to create man, how is created man even though knew he would sin and be fallible and not only that but that he would step into history and died for those sins so that we might have salvation. (I must stop here and point out the obvious… was he saying that Jesus is the Creator of Mankind, or that Jesus is God and not God’s son)? He impresses upon us to express our undying gratitude for this and that we ‘owe’ God our absolute submission and absolute faith he will have mercy and show compassion for us simple creatures…that we should bow down and worship him for his ‘all power fullness’….

Finally Ken Ham argues against the belief that when we die that is it using God saying that through salvation we will have eternal life with Christ.

To further prove Ken Ham’s idiocy….he states and I quote “Energy and matter will not and can not produce life on it’s own.



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