The Truman Papers

Russell to Truman telegram

Telegram, Richard Russell to Harry S. Truman, August 7, 1945  Senator Russell urging Truman to cease appeals to Japan for peace and to destroy their cities and bring them to their knees after what they did to Pearl Harbor.

Truman to Russell Telegram from Truman to Judge Russell expressing Truman’s regret for having to wipe whole populations because their leaders were uncivilized and pigheaded.

truman notes Handwritten notes by President Truman about making the decision for total destruction of the Japanese and how he justifies it.

Notes regarding meeting

These are notes of a meeting where giving Japan a chance to surrender via threat of the bomb were discussed.

Stimson to Truman

with handwritten reply fromTruman.

Stimson Ayers paper

Press release by Henry Stimson, August 6, 1945 concerning the development of the bomb and it’s projected use.


This correspondence was regarding a secret matter concerning foreign relations.

Truman and the A Bomb

This states that Truman had no knowledge of the bomb before Roosevelt died.

Truman and cravert

This is a plea from Samuel Cavert to give Japan a chance to surrender before the bomb is used, Truman’s reply is included.

Stimson Truman Else

Suggested press release.


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