Breaking Bad Breaks Badly

I will begin by giving Breaking Bad props for one thing no other series to date has gotten from me. It didn’t lose me until the very end. As an avid learned viewer who has dedicated a lot of time watching series after series never finding that one that I stayed loyal to the very end. Half never grab my interest past the pilot. Maybe half of those keep my interest past the first season. More than half of those lose me past the season after that.

I can count on one hand how many I have even kept up with past that. Before Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Showtime, Cinemax or HBO, or internet; when there were only 3  major network stations, all of which went off the air between 2 a.m until 6 a.m. series television aired after  ,m. and the few adult shows there were; I don’t mean porn; only aired after 9 p.m. (I never did get sucked into daytime soaps). Watching an entire season of  episodes in succession without missing one took discipline, planning, dedication and diligence. Season’s ‘kicked off’ in the Fall and reached the Finale in the Spring. Viewers were left to wait out the summer with previous seasons being re-run all summer long. In fact all ‘Prime Time’ shows were re-runs all summer long.  Add to that with the fact that the ability to tape, yes tape on a VHS using a VCR, wasn’t there until I was in my late twenties and I was well into my 40’s DVD Burners. It was still a few years more before digital recording and then video streaming came to town. Further emphasizing how important it was to not miss a single episode. A series had to be damn good to merit the necessary efforts required to be a fan.

Breaking bad was the first series that I have watched, in succession, without missing a single episode. I can honestly say not one episode disappointed me. Until the final one.

It shouldn’t have been Walter White; father; teacher; loyal friend and honorable colleague who died in peace, resolved on the floor of that meth lab, the perfect place to be; the final destination after the epic journey of a man’s life’s mission to provide for his family before he dies.

It shouldn’t have been a betrayed man and colleague, forgiving the one’s who betrayed him and then trusting them with all the money he had left in the world, trusting them to give it to his son. Expecting them to oversee the condition of a college education is met.

It shouldn’t have been a selfless father who conceded to what was best for his baby girl by leaving Holly in her mother’s care.

It shouldn’t have been a husband who finally gave his wife the respect she deserved by coming clean and telling Skyler the truth, that everything he did was for himself, not for the family.

It shouldn’t have been a kind and loyal brother-in-law who gives Marie closure by giving up the  coordinates to where Hank was left in the desert.

It shouldn’t have been the remorseful brother-in-law who allows Agent Schrader to be buried with honors and ceremony.

It shouldn’t have been a loyal friend letting Jesse kill Todd for shooting Angela in the back of the head, who finally lets Jesse ‘walk away’.

It shouldn’t have been a righteous man accepting what he deserves by letting Jesse pick up the gun to shoot him with.

It shouldn’t have been the asshole who let Jane die is forgiven by Jesse when he refuses to shoot him.

Thus Walter White died a martyr after all….

It should have been Heisenberg who died in that lab…

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