The Government Shutdown

I asked my 17 year old daughter, who is a senior depending on scholarships and student loans for college, this question “How do you feel about this shutdown knowing that there is a very good chance it will delay your starting college next year?” She responded with this “I asked my friend who didn’t know much about it what he thought. I explained to him that basically the Republican’s don’t like ObamaCare and that they wanted to remove contraception from the Act.” To which she said his response was “You mean the President is letting this happen over a couple of pills?”

Now I must take responsibility for some of my daughters lack of complete understanding. I am an old fed up feminist who is always feeding my daughters the injustices against women arguments. It is true that I firmly believe that women’s rights play a huge role in this fight because the Right Wing Republicans emphatically fight agianst our right to choose, against insurance covering the cost of contraception and against women’s equal rights in general. Not only does the Affordable Care Act cover those issues but it also for the first time in history make it illegal for insurance companies to charge women more than men for health insurance. Being a woman has always in a way been considered a pre-existing condition. Women need annual pabtsmears, annual mammograms, are likely to become pregnant at some point in their life requiring prenatal care and so on. I stand firm on my belief that this plays a major role in their posisition.

But, there is so much more to it than that. I am going to say what no one else has. It is no secret the Right Wingers hate Obama and will do whatever it takes to bring him down. Including making the repercussions of this shutdown his fault so he will go down in history with bad marks, but lets ask why they hate him so much. He is black. Plain and simple it is a race thing. Why else would his citizenship be continuously questioned? Why else would he be accused of being Muslim? Why else would being Muslim be a bad thing? These Right Wingers will do anything at the cost of anybody to make him look bad.

Why is it okay for Obama not to negotiate my daughter asked. Well first off it isn’t just him. The Senate refuses to negotiate as well. If the Tea Party is allowed to get away with this what’s next? A shutdown to try to appeal other laws they don’t like? Gay marriage? Abortion laws? Let’s not overlook the fact that they attached to the funding bill the Affordable Care Act that has already been voted on, passed and made into law. It has already gone into effect. There is nothing that the Senate or the President can do anyway. Let’s also not forget that the Tea Party hates government. They are the ones who are anti-American. They are the one’s acting like fascist tyrannical leaders who don’t give a damn about the population.

They are no better than terrorists.

In the past those who stood up for principles, for what was right did so at a dear cost to themselves and many. It has always been the great ones who were willing to lose everything to fight injustices. The Tea Party isn’t standing for any principle, for any just cause or for any point other than to make sure they hurt Obama at any cost.



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