Huma Wiener…Victim, Enabler or Part of the Problem?

Huma Wiener is part of the problem. The problem is men who have no respect for women, marriage, social responsibility. Don’t get me wrong, I am not judging or condemning (or supporting) ‘sexting’ or online porn. I am not saying that porn or ‘sexting’ is responsible for her husband Anthony’s behavior. If Wiener was a single man this wouldn’t be an issue or a discussion, but Anthony Wiener is married. The problem is her role as a ‘supportive wife’ and the role of ‘good mother’. She stated that she forgave her husband for his ‘sexting’ on the internet and that she did it for her family, her son. There are two parts to my response. First is looking at the politics of this. Wiener’s and many other views are that what happens in his private life has nothing to do with whether or not he is or will be as good mayor. It has everything to do with Anthony Wiener’s qualifications. He lied about sexting, he lied about how often and he lied about when he lied. He even spent over 40,000 dollars of campaign donations on investigation of who hacked his account and who was sexting as him. He shows no shame, remorse or embarrassment for any of his actions. This is a very clear picture of the man’s integrity, character and respect for the truth. How could anyone possibly believe this man would ever be honest about his actions as mayor? He cheated on his wife, yes I said cheated because that is what his behavior was, why would anyone believe he wouldn’t cheat the public or the government? Character counts remember? He obviously has very poor judgement, he obviously has little self-control and he obviously has no problem spending other people’s money to cover up his lies. Second, Huma stated she forgave her husband for the sake of her family and for her son.  Various media personnel who have commented on this have supported Huma with the explanation that she was trying to let her son’s father have some dignity and that would allow Anthony Wiener to be a good dad. Really? What Huma Wiener is doing is raising another lying sexually deviant man who has little respect for women. What she is doing is telling her son that it’s okay to lie, cheat (yes, online sexting and online chatting is cheating) and to break the law (yes, misuse of campaign funds is a crime). What she is doing is setting the bar for the level of respect her son will have for her and for women in general. If she wants to do what’s right for her son she needs to tell Anthony Wiener she is filing for divorce and she should testify against him when he is charged with the misuse of his campaign funds. What she needs to do is not forgive this man for acts he has no remorse for…and behavior he will repeat again and again and again.



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