The 911 Calls by Zimmerman

I want to isolate the 911 calls made by Zimmerman from the rest of the trial. Over a 9 year period he made 47 911 calls while on ‘Neighborhood Watch‘.  4 times to report a neighbor had left a garage door open and that wasn’t like him, 3 times because he saw a pit bull outside, 3 times to report a pot hole in the street, once to report someone who was hanging out at the pool was trashing the bathroom, once to report a neighbor was always hanging out in front of his own house with his garage door open, once to report a unfamiliar vehicle had been driving around the complex for 5 minutes and once to report a man who was not hired to serve food at a party he, Zimmerman, was hosting at the club house was serving food anyway and wanted to get paid. The others were to report black males various ages he didn’t recognize walking around the neighborhood, to report fire alarms going off, to report several kids ages 4 – 11 were playing in the street, to report loud music coming from the club house during a party, to report his landlord was asking for rent when the house was in foreclosure, to report a woman yelling, to report his roommate had people over he didn’t like and other as ridiculous calls. Not one of the 47 calls was an actual ’emergency’. Isn’t it a crime to dial 911 if there is not an emergency? That aside, if I were on the jury, after hearing Zimmerman’s account of what happened with Martin I would consider the fact that maybe just maybe, based on 9 years of 911 calls and the context of these call that maybe Zimmerman over reacted…just maybe.



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