Rolling Stone August 2013 Issue Is One


Why is ‘The Bomber’ being on the cover of a magazine an issue? It’s an issue because it’s Rolling Stone. Rolling Stone is a music magazine that features people who people love. Popular people, to be on the cover of a Rolling Stone means that you are bigtime, topping the charts or winning Grammy’s or becoming rock and roll history. Are these stereo types fair? It doesn’t matter, it is was it is and has been for decades.

What is wrong with this cover? Let’s, for a second, put aside the airbrushed pretty picture and read the caption. Popular, Promising Student who was failed by his family…in or out of context the choice of words at the very least asks for empathy for him, Fell into radical Islam sounds like he didn’t choose to take that path.  The word Monster, that he became not is, almost becomes an R.L. Stein goose bump. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is glamorize and glorified and idolized. You would think that after the 1970 Charles Manson issue Rolling Stone would have gotten the hint that portraying a murderer and terrorist as a rock and roll star isn’t too cool.

Rolling Stone had stooped to an unacceptable tabloid level and I for one won’t buy this issue, and I buy every one.


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