Presidential Speech By A Black Man

I cannot even fathom the repercussions of President Obama’s speech on race and the Stand Your Ground law as it had to do with the Zimmerman verdict. Already there are comments about this not being his place past official sympathy for Trayvon Martin‘s family. I say it is absolutely his place to speak on ‘racial’ issues, he is a black man.  It’s past time to STOP being ‘politically correct’ and high time the ‘race discussion’ was started by the President. To many Presidents have danced around this issue. JFK didn’t think twice about civil rights until he had to. And we haven’t really come very far since then. As a black man who better to put this discussion up front than Obama? It’s no different from Hilary speaking out about the oppression of women. The reaction of the white supremacist groups will be testimony to just how much it was his place to make this a political issue. Racial politics are alive and well with the GOP and in every state.


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