Why Arizona HB 2467 is Wrong

Let me start by saying that don’t have a problem with anyone who would or has taken any oath of allegiance to God or Country, including our President. I do however have a problem with not having the choice. And before I get a comment that my daughter has a choice, being given an ultimatum is not freedom of choice.

First and foremost, ‘So help me God”. Yes that does mean something and yes it matters. No matter what context that statement is used. It does have stronger implications when it applies to an oath of allegiance that could take away life or liberty. Which brings me to the other issue. To swear this oath of allegiance to defend the Constitution when women after 200 years, for that matter since the very founding of this country to not have equality and protection from that very same Constitution is unfathomable. To break that oath would be treason, a crime in some states that is punishable by death or at the very least punishable by incarceration.

And before there are any eyes rolling and thoughts of dramatics on my part remember this. Men, yes I mean MEN, and religion  throughout history, are responsible for every war ever fought anywhere in the world that has cost over  millions lives all totaled, for the Crusades where thousands of people were slaughtered; tortured; burned; hung and disemboweled; beheaded and tortured for not believing in this very same God, for the Holocaust where not just 6,000,000 Jews were systematically exterminated; tortured; starved and experimented on but millions of ‘not normal’ people with disabilities as slight as a crooked nose; the mentally handicapped and those of non-Aryan or German blood, for the Inquisitions; Spanish and Catholic where hundreds of thousands of people were tortured; burned and brutally slaughtered across Europe where towns burned to the ground and whole communities of Jews were walled up in the Ghetto’s some less than a hundred yards from the Vatican gate and right below the Popes window, for the trial and convictions resulting in burning at the stake or hanging of countless women accused of being witches, for the enslavement of tens of thousands of black people, for countless lynchings of black people, for the ongoing suppression; violence; rape and human trafficking of countless women and children, for Female Genital Mutilation, for unspeakable treatment of animals, for the use of Atomic bombs that instantly and slowly; painfully and unnecessarily killed over a hundred of Japanese civilians, for over 1500 Hydrogen bomb tests that kills a countless number of marine life; and indigenous Peoples that rely on the oceans for their food and the slow and painful deaths; deformities and health problems beyond belief of our military personnel who were defending that very same Constitution.

And I’m dramatic? I put nothing inhumane past human beings.

Until that Constitution is rewritten, yes rewritten not ratified; not amended; not added to or altered but rewritten to include every American regardless of race, religion, sex or sexual orientation I will not swear an oath to it.

As far as God is concerned nothing will ever make that happen. Nothing.

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