Vlad the Impaler: From Prince to Vampire

Vlad Tepesh has always been one of my favorite characters in history. As famous character as he is most people don’t know his story. Most people believe that the legend of Dracula came solely from Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

To understand how the Prince of Romania came to be a vampire you must understand the Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church. This ancient church never did and still doesn’t recognize the Pope in Rome as the head of the Church.

When Vlad needed money to support his war against the Turks he would have taken money from any source. The Orthodox Church would not offer him funds but the Roman Catholic Church did. The Orthodox Church considered this to be heresy and denounced Vlad. Eventually, they ended up excommunicating him. Excommunication means he will never enter the kingdom of heaven and he was condemned to walk as the undead through all eternity.

His reputation for being blood thirsty may or may not have been true but it was common practice, and still is today among many tribal people’s, to drink the blood of a defeated enemy. This would give the conqueror their power and their wisdom.

In Romania Vlad is a hero and considered to be one of the greatest Princes Romania ever had


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