The Long Arm Of Christianity

Christianity has become so intertwined within our daily lives most people have become desensitized to its involvement in our everyday life. We are so used to being force fed this religion that we no longer notice all the places resides slipping right under our noses. And over hundreds of years it has been festering. The stench has become strong enough choke us all.

Christianity is the blueprint for our government, our laws, our judicial process and punishments, our education, our finances, or work ethics, our politics, our political correctness, our civility and our concept of a society.

Christianity monopolizes our literature, our art, our music, and our architecture. It influences the way we dress, the way we speak, and the way we decorate our homes.

Christianity tells how we should treat our animals, our children, our spouses and different ethnic peoples.

Christianity defines our ideals of sexual equality, ethnic equality, and tolerance of alternative religions and life styles.

Christianity tells us what to eat and how to prepare our meals and when to eat them. It influences medicine and health care.

It dictates what is taught in our schools as myth and what history is.

Christianity decides for us what is right and what is wrong. It Christianity decides the rewards and the punishments for each. Christianity judges the way we live and the way we die.

Christianity reaches to the far reaches of our universe within our interpretation of it, it enters our minds through our intellect within the way we understand logic, it weighs on our hearts within how we perceive the causes of our despair and it invades our personal space and our intimate relationships.

Christianity taught us how to love and controls our sexuality.

Christianity has appointed itself as the judge of our existence and God’s executioner

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