Thank You Barack Obama

I would like to personally thank you President Obama for suing my home state of Arizona over SB1070. Thanks to you we have now spent millions of dollars of legal defense. Thank goodness we had Arizona Kids Care, Reduced Lunch Programs, State Health Insurance, TANF, and Unemployment Benefits that we could ‘borrow’ money from to pay for it. And you assured those unlucky illegal immigrants not to worry about their welfare benefits or not having extra teachers to teach their children how to speak English. The Census the State requires all American citizens to fill out will be used to get all the money they need for all the students in every district. And if necessary they can simply get rid of those expensive school buses and those ridiculous PEP programs and Honor Society programs. In addition, the State Troopers and Border Patrol are so grateful they don’t have to do the Federal Governments job by taking illegals into custody and deporting them back across the border. All they have to do with all those Illegal drop houses and Cartel drug deals happening all over the state.

And last but not least the State of Arizona loves you crazy sense of humor….a moat, with alligators in it. That’s just silly.

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