Pet Peeve No 2 Shopping Carts

Shopping carts left anywhere and everywhere in the grocery store parking lot. I use this particular aggravation as ‘the epitome of laziness’ lesson for my daughter. That’s exactly what it is. I detest laziness. I don’t mean lying around the house watching TV at home lazy, or watching a show you hate that came on after the one you were watching because you don’t know where the remote is and you don’t want to get up and change the channel lazy.

Public laziness is rude. It makes no difference if they leave the cart right where it was when they were done unloading their groceries in their car because they are too lazy to walk the 1 yard to the cart corral which is right next to where they are parked, or in the middle of the parking spot next to them preventing someone from being able to park there or pushed to the front of their vehicle before pulling away. My mama raised me to have better manners than that.

And the self-centered people who flippantly have the attitude that there are employees who are paid to walk around collecting these carts are the worst because they presume this gives them the right to behave this way.

Well it’s not okay and if I ever saw or knew of my daughter behaving that way I would be ashamed.

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