Pat Robertson Suggests Beating Insubordinate Wife

Pat Robertson, on Monday’s 700 Club, responds to a viewer’s cry for help concerning his wife in his usual fucked up Christian way.

Where do I begin? I am left speechless by this ignorant man once again. And once again this man fills me with dread and a sense of despair. How can it be that our country, the world actually adhere to Christianity and it’s ‘leaders’?

Government is not run by law, by politics, by democrats and republicans, by monarchs or the people. It is and has been since our government and European government has been in existence, run by Christians.

We are no longer a population of uneducated illiterate people. For 1500 years the Church managed to keep the people from knowing how to read Latin. For 1500 years scripture was written in Latin. For 1500 years the Church told the people what the Bible said and no one questioned it. For 1500 years on Clergy was ‘allowed’ to read the Bible. For 1500 years they had complete control. For the past 5oo years the populace has become educated, women too, and the Bible has been written in English. For the past 500 years anyone, even women have been ‘allowed’ to read the Bible for themselves. For the past 500 years we have still allowed the Church it’s authority and dared not defy it. For the past 500 years the populace has asked questions. For the past 500 years the Church has not answered.

The Church still influences, controls, governs and oppresses.

Christianity should be illegal and Church should be held accountable for Crimes against humanity and it should be against the law for Christians to hold public office, positions of authority or be in law enforcement. They are ignorant haters who shouldn’t be allowed to teach or to preach.


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