Obama’s Amnesty

I am almost speechless over this one, almost. Let me start by saying that as a resident of Arizona I have more than vested interest in this one. First this is a ‘policy note’, whatever that may be. Congress never approved it either. This Amnesty allows all ILLEGAL immigrants under 30 to apply for a 2 year stay from deportation and work permits. All immigrants under the age of 30 qualify, whether they were born here, came here a few years ago, yesterday or even if they come tomorrow if they are under 30 they qualify. Border patrol has been ordered to allow those who say, without the burden of proof, that they have a GED or High School Diploma they can cross. There are already an estimated 1.7 million already here who qualify, I can even guess how many more will be here tomorrow. Oh yeah, they can’t have a criminal record either. Here’s an idea, arrest them like the Federal law SB1070 says to and then none of them will qualify. THEY ARE ILLEGAL THEREFORE BREAKING THE LAW JUST BY BEING HERE!

Thank God our Governor Jan Brewer ordered that this will not entitle them to any tax payer funded programs here in Arizona. She also ordered that if businesses cannot verify status, with e verify, then they cannot legally hire them. She also ordered they will not be allowed to obtain Drivers Licenses. Hooray for her.

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