Interpreting the Bible


I just watched a documentary which discussed the interpretation of the Bible. I have always been one who said that the Bible must be read with the knowledge of the time is which it was written. By this I mean for example the flood story. Scientists have proven that in the time that this story was written in that part of  the world there was serious flooding. Take in to consideration that at the time a tribe of people living on one mountain would have had no knowledge of anyone living on the next mountain and so on. Take into consideration that they would have had no knowledge of ‘the rest of the world’. The mountain they lived on would have been the world to them. So in telling a story that the world flooded, they were not lying but in fact the whole world did not flood.

            When Christians say, and they do, that the Bible is the word of God and scripture is law well then they are saying to take the Bible at it’s word. Many ‘modern’ Christians’ are making the argument that one should read the Bible with the understanding of the time in which it was written. These arguments are being used for those Christians who are arguing that people should not hate Homosexuals and Lesbians. That Christianity is love and the Bible preaches tolerance and love of all God’s children.

            Read the Bible. It says anything but tolerance of all non Christians, and of Homosexuals and Lesbians.

 Leviticus19:22“God finds homosexual behavior detestable”

Romans 1:18-32 “God will judge those who practice homosexual behavior”

1 Corinthians 6:9-10 “Homosexual behavior has no place among Christians”

Leviticus18:22“Do not practice homosexuality: it is a detestable sin”.

 No where in the Bible does it say anything about tolerance of homosexuality. No where.

You can’t pick and choose what is literal and what is not literal. Christian’s don’t tolerate homosexuals, or Jews or Pagan’s.

            Anyone who is homosexual or lesbian and says they are a Christian is an idiot. If you are homosexual or lesbian you are not a Christian. You can believe in God and not be a Christian. You can believe in one God and not be a Christian. You cannot be homosexual and be a Christian.

            Hitler was a good Christian. He carried out the killing of Jews commanded by God. God Hates Fags, those people who protest military funerals screaming that God hates fags are good Christians. God does hate fags.

            To be a good Christian is to hate what God hates.



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