In the Bible….What I think really happened.

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Let’s start with the immaculate conception. In that time in history daughters that could not be married off were exiled. Mary was young, she was not married. She was pregnant. I would have lied too.

Next lets look at Christ’s ressurection…before medical technology many people were unknowingly buried alive. Say for instance if they had lost alot of blood. This would result in a very weak pulse possible not felt by one examining the person. How much blood do you think Christ lost while hanging on the cross? Enough to be ‘passed out’ for 3 days. Absolutely. Possible that when he woke up or came to and realized he was in a tomb covered in a burial shroud after being crucified he ran? Absolutely


2 responses to “In the Bible….What I think really happened.

  1. Anonymous

    With respect to the virgin birth, I agree with the concept but not the execution. Try artificial insemination. With respect to the cruxification, Jesus was intentionally taken down early to ensure his survival. Even the Qur’an says he survived.


    • In Biblical times there was no artificial insemination, though I like your thinking, and nowhere in the Bible does it say that Jesus survived. A central dogma to Christianity is Christs ‘Resurrection’. A fundamental belief in Christianity is that Jesus DIED on the cross, that Jesus DIED for our sins. And I would like to know the book and section in the Qur’an where it states Jesus survived. I have read the entire book and don’t recall that anywhere.


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