In The Beginning…

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. This account is believed by all the monotheistic religions. In fact the Old Testament is the believed scripture of Christians (Eastern Orthodox Catholics, Roman Catholics, Protestants, and Mormons) and the Jews. The Islamic faith uses Genesis as scripture up to the story of Abraham. All of these faiths also claim to be descendants of Abraham. The Muslims are descended from Ishmael, Abraham’s first born son from his mistress Hagar, and the Jews, and subsequently Christians, are descendants of Isaac who was Abraham’s second born son from his wife Sarah.

All these faiths acknowledge Jesus. All but the Jews acknowledge Jesus as a prophet. All acknowledge Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary. Only Catholics believe the Immaculate Conception. All Christians believe Jesus was the son of God. Only Judaism and Islam have remained truly monotheistic. Mormons and Muslims and the Jews see their prophets Joseph Smith and Muhammad and Moses as God’s prophet but do not worship them as God like Catholics and Protestants do Jesus.

Christians believe Christ died on the cross, Muslims do not. All blame the Jews for putting him there. Catholics believe one must obey Church doctrine including the 7 sacraments and accepting Jesus Christ as their lord and savior to achieve salvation while Protestants adhere to accepting Jesus Christ and only 2 sacraments are needed to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Catholics, Orthodox and Roman alike subscribe to the doctrine of Purgatory. Muslims believe that following the teachings of Muhammad and fighting against non-believers in the name of God is how the will be rewarded in the afterlife.

Orthodox Catholics do not recognize the Pope as God’s representative on earth, they hold no higher in rank than a bishop. Catholics believe that the Church is the only authority of interpretation of scripture while Protestants deny all Church doctrine and believe each individual has God’s blessing in the reading of scripture.

All of these religions believe in the Final Judgment of Man.

All of these religions believe man has dominion of animals and women alike.

The bottom line is this. Religion has nothing to do with God. Religion has everything to do with political agenda and control of the masses.


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