Illegal Immigrants

Let me start by stating that I am not prejudice. My father was Mexican, therefor so am I. I am not prejudice regardless of that fact. Next let me say that I understand, empathize and don’t have issues with Mexicans who want to come to America. I also know that it is not easy to get visas and that the process needs to be fixed. Now let me say that I have major issues with illegal immigrants. I live in Phoenix. I also live in a mostly Hispanic neighborhood and school district. I am a strong supporter of SB1070.

I am personally affected by this in many ways. At the heart of this is my daughter. Public schools get funding for teachers, programs, after school activities, lunches etc for each district from the state. The state gets its funding from the federal government. The amount per district depends on how many students the district has. How the government knows how many students a district has is not by registration but by Census. Illegal immigrants don’t fill out the Census. In my district last year my daughters school had to let 3 teachers go, cut the Honors program, the National Junior Honor Society (both of which my daughter was in) and cut theater because of lack of funds. The school actually ran out of lunches frequently, first come first serve. Why? Because they got funds for a fewer students than they actually have. Why? Because the census showed fewer residents. Why? Because illegals don’t fill out the Census. I won’t even go into my anger over the hiring of 2 new teachers for English as a second language classes.

Now let’s talk about violation of civil rights complaints from illegals. First, The Constitution protects American Citizens. Second what violation of what civil rights, assuming they have any. These complaints about having to carry papers proving citizenship, even Obama said it wasn’t fair for Mexicans to have to carry around all those papers….guess what I do. I have to have in my car my license, my registration, and my proof of insurance. I must have a photo ID issued by the government that I must carry on me and show as proof of age to buy cigarettes, lottery tickets and alcohol. I have to provide a birth certificate, a lease, utility bills, thumb print, social security card and photo ID to get state assistance, unemployment, bank account and a driver’s license and a job. I must provide all that plus immunization records for my kids to register for school.

Now let’s talk about how much money the schools and the government spend on printing the backside any and all paper in Spanish. How much does it cost for all the recordings telling you to press one for English? How much does it cost to have interpreters for non-English speaking parents for all school functions, conferences, PTA meetings and in the front office?

Now for SB1070. Before we were sued by President Obama and before we won in court, the Supreme Court, our border patrol and state police here in Arizona did not have the authority to arrest anyone they caught coming across the border illegally. Illegally being the key word. All they could do is try to catch them, turn them over to immigration and hope they would get deported. How much did the state pay for these officers to do nothing? And guess what, if I did anything illegal and got caught I go to jail, as I should. Bottom line is these immigrants are BREAKING THE LAW. If I got caught in Mexico without a passport would they just send me home? No. I would go to jail. I would get arrested for even trying to get across the border without a passport.

Fix the immigration process. Fix the immigration laws. But enforce the laws. Why should and do these illegals get special treatment? Politically correct. And it’s wrong


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    Education is one thing that illegal immigrants can definitely take advantage of in the U.S. I didn’t think it would be at the expense of American citizens losing out on opportunities to increase their chances of higher education. I government needs to change the policy how they fund schools by knowing the amount of students per school, not be the census. Another issue deals with the fact Obama wont support the fact that illegal’s should provide paperwork providing immigration status. I understand paper work is hard to hold on to but the government must come up with an easier way for immigrants to show identification because American citizens have and are required to hold identification information. This is leading American citizens to believe our government is treating illegal’s better than Americans. I’m trying to figure out, with all these benefits why would an illegal want to become an American citizen..


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