How Should The Bible Be Read?

It seems to me that whenever a Christian’s conscience bothers them when they read some scripture that condemns homosexuals for example they use the excuse that the Bible is old with old values etc. They will argue that certain words shouldn’t be taken out of context. People that sincerely feel no hate have a hard time accepting that their God is an angry, jealous, vengeful and wrathful God. His words not mine.

If this book is the only truth and the word of God then who am I do assume his meaning is other than what is written? If God is all knowing, all seeing, and omnipotent then who am I to assume anything? I take the Bible for its word. I don’t agree with it but I don’t dispute it’s meaning, if you ask me it is very clear. I dispute man’s interpretation of it because of this very thing, man’s interpretation of what is pretty matter of fact. Scripture very clearly reads that God will condemn those who lie with beasts and men who lie with men. He will condemn those who fornicate outside of marriage, non-believers, witches, idolaters… goes on and on. Who is any man to assume God means anything other than what he says?

Don’t misunderstand me, I think this whole book is the word of man and not of God. Christians however do not. Christians preach it as the word of God; they should take him at his word


One response to “How Should The Bible Be Read?

  1. I am a little confused by this post. Surely in any area of knowledge – including science – we are not stuck with a concept of absolute truth from a two thousand year old set of documents. Remember the Bible contained some state of the art science for its day – including a flat earth. If we are allowed to move on in science, why do you say that Christians are not allowed similarly to caryy on developing their ideas?


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