Facebook Post of Ignorance

This was on the News Feed on Facebook. I am ‘Friends’ with the person who posted it. I come from a one high-school town, Los Alamos New Mexico where everybody knows everybody, or at least knows of everybody. So what I am saying is I know this person but don’t know her. Los Alamos isn’t like any other small town. I won’t go to into why for that’s another post but per capita Los Alamos has more residents with PHD’s than anywhere in the world. Yes, Los Alamos is where Oppenheimer built the world’s first Atomic Bomb. My point is this town of 14,000 is full of smart people. Very smart people. How I know the person who posted this is because we are both from there. I don’t know why but the fact that someone from Los Alamos posted this makes it even more offensive and scary to me. I am off on a mission from here to see just how many people actually feel this way.

I have a very good friend, probably my best friend, that I have known for about 10 years or more who is a Muslim. I knew here before 9/11. The fact that this ‘cartoon’ not only insinuates that Muslims are ‘bad’ but also insinuates Muslims are anti-Semitic. I am not sure how to interpret the martyred Christians in Egypt…what martyred Christians?

This is beyond ignorant and very offensive. And just plain fucking stupid.

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