Competent To Stand Trial


The law states that a person must be competent to stand trial. By competent they mean the accused must understand the charges against them, they must know the consequences of their actions and they must be able to contribute to their defense.

In cases of murder does it really matter if the accused meets these criteria? I say no. Understanding or not understanding the charges does not change the charges. Knowing the consequences or not shouldn’t change them. Contributing to their defense? We’ll get back to that one.

It shouldn’t matter if the defendant is ‘insane’, in some cases of murder like Jeffrey Dahmer, or the woman who drowned her kids in the bath tub….only a crazy person would commit these crimes. Who cares if the bitch had postpartum depression? She still drowned her kids in the bathtub. Who cares if the person is mentally handicapped? In cases of murder, rape or other violent crimes the only thing that should matter is the crime.


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