Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel

I have always had a standard statement if you will to those Christians who try to sell me on The Bible. It is simply, if you can tell me where Cain’s wife came from I will convert right now. No one has ever given me the answer.

I already know the answer but still challenge a Christian to give me one.

Not just a where from answer either, but a why was this information omitted from the Christian Bible? The lost books of Eden are in the Torah. (For any Christians reading this that would be the Hebrew of Jewish ‘Bible’ which is what would be renamed (and edited to fit in the time alotted) the Old Testament in the Christian Bible.

This omitted or lost book does more than tell where Cain’s wife came from. It does more than explain why Cain killed Abel. It actually adds some validity to the Christians ‘Intelligent Design Theory. The claim that one man, one woman, their two male children one of which is murdered, could populate the world, really? A 2 year old can see the flaw in that story.

Here is how the story originally went.

Eve bore Adam his first son Cain (Cain means Hater) and his second born was Cain’s twin sister Luluwa (Luluwa means Beautiful). 3 years later Eve bore Adam two more children, a son named Abel and his twin sister Aklia…

When their children had grown up Adam and Eve set out to wed Cain’s twin Luluwa to Abel whom they favored above them all, and to wed Abel’s twin Aklia to Cain.

Thus was made the motive which moved Cain to kill Abel. Once Cain slew Abel he then was wed to his sister Luluwa.

Seven years later Eve bore Adam another son whom they named Seth.

When Seth was 15 years old he was wed to Abel’s sister Aklia.

Validity. Thin veil of it but more a more plausible story that Adam and Eve had two sons and hence forth populated the world.

Why omit this book? Incest of course. It’s a sin. Oh but wait…..Adam, wife Eve, their two sons Cain and Abel, one kills the other leaving only one son Cain. His mother Eve would have to bear Cains children being the only womb and all……but wouldn’t that be incest? Okay next reason for omitting the book that includes 3 more children 2 of them women one who would bear Cain’s children the other the children of Adam and Eve’s youngest and third son Seth. It tells why Cain killed Abel, over a woman. One might think the Christians would use this to show how a woman can lure men to evil.

Given the information or lack there of provided I can’t swallow that teaching Adam and Eve in schools isn’t an around the water cooler chat but an actual case before the Supreme Court….WTF? Really? Assuming this illustrious panel of Judges all hold at least a law degree, what 6-8 years worth of Ivy League Education why are they not at the very least insulted to be asked to consider this bullshit has any semblance of a valid argument


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