A Tyrannical God

Let me start by saying that I am not an Atheist. I believe in a God like idea. I don’t see God as a ‘being’, a ‘thing’, a ‘higher power’, or an ‘entity’. I don’t worship nature and do not follow traditional pagan ideologies. I see Physics as (for lack of a better word) God, a God without malice, bias, personality, intent or purpose, and without gender.

I do not like the Christian God. The Christian God is angry, hateful, jealous and tyrannical. He is like Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Sudam Hussan or any other mass murdering tyrant in human history. He flooded the world because mankind him angry. He threatens death and condemnation to all who do not worship him or follow his commands. He punishes and tortures his faithful followers. He tests the faith of mankind with disease and famine and inflicts pain on children to test their parents. He taunts man. He gave us free will but punishes those who exercise it. He made us with sexual desire but condemns those who act upon it. He made us in his own image but insisted we are shameful of our bodies. He refuses Heaven to non-baptized children. He gave us intellect but does not allow for the pursuit of knowledge. He demands obedience but does not reward for it, at least not in this life time. He tells us we are all sinners yet promises Heaven upon death to those who confess their sins and Hell for those who do not. He causes us pain and suffering in our lifetime with promises of peace and love after death yet condemns those who choose to take their own lives. He demands us to commit murder of those who do not worship him but condemns murderers. He is jealous but condemns those who commit the sin of jealousy. He gets angry and destroys but tells us it’s a sin to do so ourselves.

Christians who try to live a life of love, tolerance and forgiveness may be following the teachings of Jesus but they are not listening to God’s commands. Jesus is a contradiction of his father. God is hateful, intolerant, unforgiving, jealous and vengeful. I sometimes wonder if he didn’t allow his only son to be crucified because Jesus didn’t do as he commanded. God commands the death of non-believers, he punishes prostitutes and beggars and he demands he be the only God mankind worships. Jesus must have really angered him by having his own followers.

And just a closing thought, if God is all-powerful, all-knowing and omnipotent why doesn’t he stop Satan from all he does? He has the power too, he chooses not to because he is cruel.


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  1. Wow, wonderful article put up.Really thanks! Actually Neat.


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