When Is It Wrong To Protect Rights

I am not for censorship. I am not against the First Amendment. I understand how important it is. I also know that as American’s we have a responsibility not to abuse those rights. With different ideas of what is offensive or inappropriate the First Amendment boils down to a matter of opinion. Or does it.

Using the film The Innocence of Muslims as the obvious example I think the unbelievable over reaction is nothing short of extreme fanaticism. I don’t see the anti in the film, in fact the film is a pretty accurate script taken right out of the Quran. Let me state my point of views on religion here before I go any further. I have always been VERY outspoken about my feelings towards Christianity and organized religion. I feel the Catholic Church should be held accountable for Crimes against humanity, that Christianity as a whole is responsible for Crimes against Humanity. I entertain the idea that Jesus and Muhammed were no more than another David Koresh, Jim Jones, Charles Manson or any other Cult leader. I think that anyone  who actually believes the Bible is  borderline retarded. Religion is nothing more than another way for man to control women and government.

That being said, does the First Amendment give anyone the right to speak freely outside America? Isn’t it rather arrogant of us Americans to expect other cultures and countries to just take insult when they don’t have the same political views? What gives us the right to voice our opinion outside of America? Under the Constitution we have the right not to listen to anyone expressing their right to free speech. Under the Constitution we have the right to disagree with our government. Other countries don’t know or understand this idea.

Should our government have apologized like they did? Absolutely not. Should our government have taken the movie off or banned it here? Absolutely not. Should it have available on You Tube in the Middle East? Absolutely not.

We have the right as Americans to express our views, our ideals, our opinions, or insults, and our jokes in the form of speech, print or video. American newspapers, television stations, record companies and movie theaters have the right to air, record or publish these opinions. But we shouldn’t have the right to impose these rights in someone else’s country.

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