The First Jewish Ghetto’s

I grew up and lived most of my adult life believing that Hitler was the sole founder of the Jewish Ghetto. I grew up believing that the restrictions placed on the Jews, where the could work, what they had to wear, who they could marry, and of course where they lived was all Hitler’s idea. I grew up believing that Hitler pretty much acted on his own separate from any other world leader. I was wrong. In the 1st Century The Christians imposed restrictions on the interaction between themselves and the Jews.

06 A. D. The Council of Elvira decrees that Christians and Jews cannot intermarry, have sexual intercourse, or eat together.*
306 A.D. Council in Spain banned Christians & Jews meeting or marrying.

325 A. D. Conversation and fellowship with Jews is forbidden to the clergy by the Council of Nicea.*

4th century A. D. Christian emperors of Rome decree that Christians converting to Judaism, and Jews obstructing the conversion of other Jews to Christianity, will incur the death penalty; Jews can not marry Christians, or hold public office, or own slaves. *

1050 A. D. The Synod of Narbonne decrees that Christians are not permitted to live in Jewish homes.*

1230 A. D. Jews in France are forbidden to lend money on interest.*

1267 A. D. The Synod of Vienna decrees that Christians cannot attend Jewish ceremonies, and Jews cannot dispute with simple Christian people about the Catholic religion.*

1275 A. D. Jews in England are forbidden to lend money on interest.*

1279 A. D. The Synod of Ofen decrees that Christians cannot sell or rent real estate to Jews.*

1434 A. D. The Council of Basel decrees that Jews cannot obtain academic degrees.*

1456 A. D. Pope Callistus III bans all social communication between Christians and Jews.

1919 A.D. Newly independent Poland passes a law making Sunday a compulsory day of rest in Poland. The law is intended to force Jews to observe the Christian Sabbath in addition to their own.

1933-1939 The general consensus among the Catholic papers in Poland is that Jewish influence should be reduced in all areas of life, that the Polish and Jewish communities should be separated as much as possible, and that the most desirable option is mass emigration of the Jews from Poland. St. Maximilian Kolbe is an active promoter of antisemitic literature.

Then the Muslims first introduced the special yellow garb that Jews had to wear in the 8th century.

717 A.D. Jews had to wear special yellow garb. Originated in Islam.

1215 A.D. The Jewish badge introduced.

Then in the 12th century the Catholic Church decreed Jews had to wear distinctive clothing.

1215 A. D. The Fourth Lateran Council decrees that Jews are to wear distinctive clothing, and on the three days before Easter they are not to go out in public.*

1227 A. D. The Council of Narbonne orders Jews to wear a round patch.*

1234 A. D. The Council of Arles orders Jews to wear a round patch.*

1246 A. D. The Council of Béziers orders Jews to wear a round patch.*

1254 A. D. The Council of Albi orders Jews to wear a round patch.*

1260 A. D. The Council of Arles orders Jews to wear a round patch, but not when traveling.*

1284 A. D. The Council of Nîmes orders Jews to wear a round patch.*

1289 A. D. The Council of Vienna orders Jews to wear a round patch.*

1326 A. D. The Council of Avignon orders Jews to wear a round patch, but not when traveling.*

1368 A. D. The Council of Vabres orders Jews to wear a round patch.*

1435 A. D. King Alfonso orders the Jews of Sicily to attach a round patch to their clothing and over their shops.*

In the 11th century the Catholics all over Europe began expelling the Jews and then in the Middle East and Africa.

1010 – 1020 In Rouen, Orléans, Limoges, Mainz, and probably also in Rome, Jews are converted by force, massacred, or expelled.*

1012 A.D. Emperor Henry II of Germany expels Jews from Mainz, the beginning of persecutions against Jews in Germany.

1182 A. D. Jews are expelled from France, all their property is confiscated, and Christians’ debts to them are cancelled with the payment of one-fifth of their value to the treasury.*

1290 A.D. Jews expelled from England.

1290 A. D. Jews are expelled from England and southern Italy.*

1294 A. D. Jews are expelled from Bern.*

1306 A.D. Expulsion from France.

1350 A. D. Jews are expelled from many parts of Germany.*

1367 A. D. Jews are expelled from Hungary.*

1381 A. D. Jews are expelled from Strasbourg.*

1394 A. D. The expulsion of Jews from France, begun in 1306, is completed with an edict promulgated on the Jewish Day of Atonement.*

1420 A. D. Jews are expelled from Mainz by the archbishop.*

1421 A. D. Jews are expelled from Austria.*

1424 A. D. Jews are expelled from Fribourg and Zurich.*

1426 A. D. Jews are expelled from Cologne.*

1432 A. D. Jews are expelled from Saxony.*

1438 A. D. Jews are expelled from Mainz by the town councilors.*

1439 A. D. Jews are expelled from Augsburg.*

1453 A. D. Jews are expelled from Wurzburg.*

1454 A. D. Jews are expelled from Breslau.*

1462 A. D. Jews are expelled from Mainz following a conflict between two candidates for the archepiscopal seat.*

1467 A. D. Jews are expelled from Tlemcen.*

1471 A. D. Jews are expelled from Mainz by the archbishop.*

1483 A.D. EXPULSIONS from Warsaw, Sicily, Lithuania, Portugal.

1485 A. D. Jews are expelled from Warsaw and Cracow.*


1492 A. D. After forcing many Jews to be baptized and then referring to them as Marranos (swine), and after an Inquisition in which some 700 Marranos were burnt at the stake for showing signs of “Jewish” taint, Spain expels all Jews from the country.*

1497 A. D. Jews are expelled from Portugal.*

1510 A.D. EXPELLED from Brandenburg, Germany.

1519 A. D. Jews are expelled from Regensburg.*

1569 A.D. POPE PIUS V ordered all Jews out of the Papal states.

1566-1572 Pope St. Pius V expels Jews from the Papal States, allowing some to remain in Rome’s ghettos and in Ancona for commercial reasons.*

1593 A.D. EXPULSIONS from Italy and Bavaria.

1614 A.D. JEWS attacked and driven out of Frankfurt, Germany

1935-1936 The Polish Catholic Church gives full support to a government policy encouraging Jewish emigration from Poland.*

1941 A.D. EXPULSION of Jews from the German Reich to Poland. Riots against Jews in Iraq.

1942 A.D. Mass transports of Jews from Belgium & Holland.

1956 A.D. Jews expelled out of EGYPT.

1968 A.D. Emigration of last remaining Jews in Poland.

It was in the 16th century that Pope Leo the 10th built a Ghetto  300 yards from the Vatican. He lured Jews there by promising them protection from the crusaders. He protected them all right. He protected them by locking inside the only entrance into the Ghetto from sundown to sunset.

1516 A.D. Venice initiates the ghetto, the first in Christian Europe.

1555-1559 Pope Paul IV restricts Jews to ghettos and decrees that they are to wear distinctive headgear.*

1624 A.D. GHETTO established in Ferrara, Italy.

1826 A. D. Pope Leo XII decrees that Jews are to be confined to ghettos and their property is to be confiscated.*

In the 1st Century over 1 million Jews were killed, and that was just the beginning of the extermination of the Jews.

70 A.D. Titus took Jerusalem – second revolt. Over one million Jews killed.

415 A.D. Bishop Severus BURNED THE SYNAGOGUE IN THE VILLAGE OF MAGONA. BISHOP OFALEXANDRIA, ST. CYRIL EXPELLED JEWS FROM ALEXANDRIA AND GAVE THE MOB JEWISH PROPERTY. ACCUSATION of Ritual murder by the Jews during Purim. Christians confiscated synagogues in ANTIOCH. These were not hooligans but Church Fathers!
AUGUSTINE, JEROME, AMBROSE AND LESSER SAINTS AS ST. CHRYSOSTROM AND CYRIL, added to untruths the new ones that Jews were dishonest and prone to sexual perversions.

1010 – 1020 In Rouen, Orléans, Limoges, Mainz, and probably also in Rome, Jews are converted by force, massacred, or expelled.*

1096 A.D. First Crusade. Crusaders massacre the Jews of the Rhineland.

Massacres of Jews takes place in the First Crusade, destroying entire Jewish
communities in Mainz, Speyer, Worms, Cologne and other cities. The Jewish chronicler  reports: “The enemies stripped them naked and dragged them off, granting quarter to none, save those few who accepted baptism. The number of the slain was eight hundred in these two days.” The chronicler Guibert de Nogent reports that the Rouen Crusaders certain Jews, a race more inimical to God than any other”.* said: “We desire to go and fight God’s enemies in the East; but we have before our eyes certain Jews, a race more inimical to God than any other”.*

1144 A.D. First recorded blood libel. In Norwich it was alleged that the Jews had “bought a Christian child before Easter, tortured him with all the tortures wherewith our Lord was tortured and on Friday hanged him on a rood in hatred of our Lord.” (England) This notorious allegation that Jews murder non-Jews, especially Christians, in order to obtain blood for the Passover or other rituals is a complex of deliberate lies, trumped up accusations, and popular beliefs about the murder-lust of the Jews and their blood-thirstiness, based on the conception that Jews hate Christianity and mankind in general. It is combined with the delusion that Jews are in some way not human and must have recourse to special remedies and subterfuges in order to appear at least outwardly, like other men. The blood libel led to trials and massacres of Jews. Its origin is rooted in ancient almost primordial, concepts concerning the potency and energies of blood. It is one of the most terrible expressions of human cruelty and credulity. These blood rituals are expressly forbidden in Judaism. (See Leviticus 17;11 etc.)

1190 A.D. Massacre of Jews in England

1190 A. D. The Third Crusade, led by Richard the Lion-Heart, stirs anti-Jewish fervor and results in the mass suicide of the York Jews in Clifford’s Tower on March 16.*

1235 A. D. Thirty-four Jews are burned to death in Fulda (Germany) on a blood-libel charge.*

1298 A.D. Massacre of thousands in Germany, in 146 localities.

1298 A. D. The Jews of Röttingen, charged with profaning the Host, are massacred and burned down to the last one.*

1320 A. D. The “Shepherds’ Crusade.” A Christian chronicler records: “The shepherds laid siege to all the Jews who had come from all sides to take refuge. . . the Jews defended themselves heroically. . . but their resistance served no purpose, for the shepherds slaughtered a great number of the besieged Jews by smoke and by fire. . . The Jews, realizing that they would not escape alive, preferred to kill themselves. . . They chose one of their number (and) this man put some five hundred of them to death, with their consent. He then descended from the castle tower with the few Jewish children who still remained alive. . . They killed him by quartering. They spared the children, whom they made Catholics by baptism”.*

1347-1350 A. D. During the Black Death, Jews are accused of poisoning wells in order to  overthrow Christendom, and many thousands of Jews are killed. Pope Clement VI defends the Jews against these charges.*

1389 A.D. MASSACRES in Bohemia, Spain.

1421 A.D. 270 JEWS BURNED AT THE STAKE. In the 14th and 15th centuries the  Inquisition was more intense because the Church and State joined forces. Just being Jewish guaranteed persecution

147 5 A. D. The entire Jewish community in Trent, northern Italy, is put to death on the allegation that it had murdered a boy for religious purposes.*

1480 A.D. Inquisition in Spain – Jews and Christians burned at the stake.

1492 A. D. After forcing many Jews to be baptized and then referring to them as Marranos (swine), and after an Inquisition in which some 700 Marranos were burnt at the stake for showing signs of “Jewish” taint, Spain expels all Jews from the country.*

1506 A.D. Murders in Lisbon – 4000, “conversos”, men, women, and children thrown from
windows to street mobs below, due to preaching by Dominicans against the Jews.

1598 A.D. Ritual murder charge that sent three Jews to their deaths. Execution of the supposed guilty was done by QUARTERING. (In his book the “Birth of the Prison” Michel Foucault describes at length the quartering of a condemned man in 1757. It was done eventually by six horses instead of the four original ones and other means had to come in to play due to the failure even of six horses as the prisoners limbs were tied to ropes harnessed to the horses. Each horse pulled in a different direction. One horse fell to the ground unsuccessfully. Knives had to be used for severing…)

1648 A.D. Leader of the Cossacks, in the Ukraine massacres 100,000 Jews and destroyed 300 communities

1655 A.D. Massacres of Jews in war against Sweden & Russia by Poland.

1768 A.D. 20,000 Jews in Poland killed.

1805 A.D. MASSACRE of Jews in Algeria.

1881 A.D. POGROMS BEGAN. The word is of Russian origin. It designates attack,  accompanied by destruction, looting of property, murder, rape. There were three major outbreaks in Russia. The word designates more particularly the attacks carried out by the Christian population. Each pogrom surpassed the other in savagery. KIEV, ODESSA; Here murder of whole families was a common occurrence. Partial data are available for 530 communities in which 887 major pogroms and 349 minor pogroms occurred. There were 60,000 dead and several times that many were wounded.

1905 A.D. Russian pogroms continue. Also in Morocco, Ukraine, 300 dead.

1919 A.D. 3000 Jews killed in Hungarian pogroms.

It wasn’t until 1938 that Hitler joined the rest of the world and carried on the 1900 year tradition of persecuting the Jews. Father Pacelli, who later became Pope Benedict the XVI, was called Hitler’s Cardinal. The Catholic Church supported  the extermination of Jews. After all, they killed Christ remember? A Concordance was signed between Hitler and the Pope not only giving Hitler the Church’s blessing but their support financially.

1938 A.D. Burning in AUSTRIA & GERMANY of Synagogues. Jews sent to concentration camps. Beginnings of the Holocaust

1939 A. D. Josef Tiso, a Catholic priest with a doctorate in theology, became president of  independent Slovakia. An extremist hater of Jews, he allied Slovakia with Nazi Germany and, with strong objections from the Vatican, deported most Slovakian Jews to their deaths in the camps. He declared: “It is a Christian action to expel the Jews, because it is for the good of the people, which is thus getting rid of its pests.” Monsignor Tiso was executed after the war as a war criminal.*

1940 A.D. Gassing, shootings in Polish Ghettos (Jewish).

1941-1945 The “Final Solution” takes place in Nazi-occupied Europe. This Holocaust, the  killing of some six million Jews, “happened in the ‘heartland’ of Western Christian Europe. . . It happened with the passive acquiescence or active collaboration of most European Christians, and no decisive protest from church leadership, Catholic or protestant” (Rosemary Radford Ruether).*

1942-1945 Cardinal Adolf Bertram, Archbishop of Breslau and head of the German Bishops’ Conference, opposes all public protest against the deportation and massacre of the Jews. He maintains a cordial relationship with Hitler, and in May 1945 he orders requiem masses for Hitler be offered in all his parishes.*


1945 A.D.HOLOCAUST Final Count: 6,000,000 Jews slaughtered.

1946 A.D. Pogroms in Poland – 42 Jews murdered.

The surrender of Nazi Germany in WWII didn’t end the Vatican’s support for the concentration camps, In 1988  a cross was erected in front of the gates at Auschwitz. The Catholic Church and the Pope Benedict XVI even went so far as to hold mass at the Gates of Auschwitz with the inclusion of a prayer by the Pope calling for the conversion of Jews. The Cross is there to this day.

The Cross at Auschwitz

The timelines I used are from here

thank you Lewis Loflin.

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