Marriage Laws

Laws concerning marriage have been in effect since Christianity. The laws prohibiting same sex marriage are based on the fact that the definition of marriage is ‘between a man and a woman’. That definition of marriage is in the Bible. The Bible also defines a marriage to a dead brothers wife as incest. In the book of Leviticus there are many commandments regarding marriage. If the government is going to stand by Christian doctrine to write laws concerning marriage then they should write laws for all the definitions. And they should enforce laws already written, like laws against polygamy.  Most people believe, as I did till recently, that polygamy is legal in the state of Utah. Not true. Why isn’t it enforced?

More importantly, enacting laws based on this ‘Christian’ definition is in direct violation of Separation of Church and State, ‘the government shall not favor one religion over another’. I am not a Christian and my ‘religion’ doesn’t prohibit same sex marriage. In fact my ‘religion’ does not define marriage at all.

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