God Is An Asshole 1

God condemned all woman kind to bleed every month, to have pain in child bearing and for all eternity tagged them as the cause of all evil. God made us with sexual desire and our bodies are designed for intercourse yet sex is dirty and its a sin. Sex is only to be for procreation and emission of semen is sinful if enjoyed. Only men can initiate sex, women who desire are dirty and men are to put keep them in their place.God gave us free will but demands unquestioned faith and unspeakable acts of devotion. God gave us beauty but we sin if we admire it. God gave us bounties of fruit, vegetables, and animals for which our teeth are designed to eat. Yet we are sinners if we enjoy the taste. God tests faith when children die of disease, God tests faith with disease, famine and destruction. God punishes those who don’t worship him. God strikes down those who oppose him.

God is an Asshole.


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