Domestic Violence is a Man Problem – Are we man enough to do something about it?


An inspirational man…

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I hear that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I’m glad the old white men who decide these things set aside a month to think about it, so that we don’t have to ALL the time.

Being a dude myself, I don’t really know the best way to approach the conversation, so I’ll tell a story. I was around 10 or 11, or 12 or 13 – I don’t exactly know why, but almost every memory from my childhood is blurred together and I always say I was 12.

Anyhow, my dad had fallen on tough times, he was on crack, and we had a lot of crack heads in our house, including this woman Elaine and her four kids. There were two younger boys, I don’t remember their names. There was a daughter, Debra, who was the same age as me. Then also she had a son Chris who was…

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Manhattan; WGM’s New Original Series

the Let me start off by stating that Los Alamos is my hometown, it’s where I grew up, it’s where my family legacy is and I have spent many years diligently researching its history and that of its founder J. Robert Oppenheimer. I moved there when I was six years old in 1967 well after the Manhattan Project and Project Y but I have more than several social media friends who grew up there during this time and have personal knowledge of what it was like to live there  which I do not doubt nor question. That being said let me first say that I am not only disappointed but disgusted and angered with this television series. Now before anyone responds by commenting that this show is not supposed to be factual which it clearly advertises let me say this, then they should not use the name Los Alamos, PO Box 1663, The Manhattan Project or J. Robert Oppenheimer. They did state in their trailer of the show that the characters would be based on a combination of actual people and actual events however. But if this is supposed to be fictional then they should not mention Hitler or Japan or anything to do with actual events of World War II. On a side note why do they bother to use fictional names of all the other scientists working on the bomb if they use Oppenheimer’s. They also use the real names of The Gadget and Thin Man (which was the original name of the Fat Man bomb). If they went to the trouble of researching deep enough to know about Thin Man they could have done better elsewhere. They place the show in Los Alamos New Mexico and refer to the only known name of the town as the factual name of PO Box 1663. This makes no sense but on to more important issues. Because the do refer to the whole thing as The Manhattan Project and because they do have Oppenheimer as the head of it there is enough reference to factual events and persons that those that do not know the history of Los Alamos and the bombs are going to associate these non factual people and events with real ones and most will assume that this show at least loosely represents the truth when in fact the before mentioned names are the only facts and truth of the show.

I am going to specify events from the show and then present what really happened or what never did happen along with things that I don’t believe would have happened based on my knowledge of Los Alamos. I also must point out why I feel so strongly about certain misrepresentations.

1. – This personally the biggest offense of all, admittedly because I have such a fondness and a soft spot for the man us locals lovingly call Oppie. The character of Oppenheimer is presented as aloof and non approachable not to mention anything but hands on which is far from the truth. Oppie though notoriously arrogant and short of patience prior to his assignment as head of the Manhattan Project was a different man when he took his position there. He was known to be not only approachable by his fellow scientists but by their wives and children. He was known to officiate at weddings and host endless parties at Fuller Lodge where he was always surrounded by admiring females and friends who loved him for his charm, his wit and his undeniable charisma. He was known to have an open door policy for his fellow scientists absolutely practiced the philosophy that knowledge should be shared and he encouraged the asking of and answering of questions from everybody within the scientific community. What angers me about his portrayal is that one of Oppies greatest legacies was his ability to assemble a group of the greatest scientific minds from around the world and create a highly collaborative group that had a common goal that was unprecedented and never before or since accomplished.  This leads me to number two…

2. – The scientists in the show are constantly fighting, back stabbing, resentful and just plain nasty towards each other. It was the very fact that the real scientists that were worked on the bombs worked so well together that this project came to be completed so smoothly and so quickly. Now, the fighting and competition in the show is mainly between two groups who are competing with each other to have their design for a plutonium bomb become The Gadget and then be chosen to work on Thin Man’. These two groups are also fighting over the plutonium that they needed to build these bombs.  One of my biggest points of contention to do with the history of building the bomb or dropping the bomb  is the phrase ‘the bomb’.  More often than not it is only Hiroshima that is remembered and more often than not is the belief that it was Fat Man was dropped there when the fact is there were three bombs that were successfully built; The Gadget, Fat Man and Little Boy (Thin Man was abandoned due to contaminated plutonium and redesigned as Little Boy using Uranium).  The Gadget was the first atomic bomb ever used when tested in White Sands New Mexico at what is now known as Trinity Site and Little Boy was the first atomic bomb ever used in war when it was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6th 1945. Fat Man was the plutonium bomb and was dropped on the city of Nagasaki on August 9th 1945, 3 days after Little Boy. Now I don’t have any proof or even any documentation to prove this but I also have never read or heard that there was such fierce competition between teams of scientists of the Manhattan project let alone petty bickering and backstabbing.

3. – I highly doubt any Native American would have traded peyote for sanitary napkins, peyote is sacred to them.

4. – In episode 3 they had the wives working the switchboards and monitoring phone calls between residents to listen for ‘flagged’ words of phrases that they were to report to the powers that be if they heard them. I seriously doubt that surveillance jobs of phone conversations for protection of national security would have been entrusted to any civilians.


. – In episode 2 the Chinese American spy was shot by a Private at the gates of Los Alamos when trying to leave with classified documents. First I don’t believe that a Private would ever have been posted at the entrance gates. This was a town that even the President who though was aware of the project did not know of its location and nobody in his administration not even the vice president knew it existed. Everyone I mean everyone had to have a badge and security clearance to enter those gates and I highly doubt the responsibility of this would be given to a Private. Secondly I am pretty sure that once this supposed spy was accused of being a spy he never would have been left to leave at the very least without so much as a vehicle search. The character took a guards gun and escaped without so much as a fire alarm going off? Wouldn’t have happened I think it’s a pretty safe bet that the military would have had him down by the time he got to his room, got the documents he was taking, got into his car and then sat there and argued with the MP’s at the gate to let him leave. Now more importantly, it is my opinion that this character on a scientist named Wen Ho Lee, I say this because there is no record of any Chinese scientists ever working on the Manhattan Project or of being accused let alone convicted of being a spy except Lee  who worked at Los Alamos National Laboratories in the 90’s and was accused of espionage. He was however only convicted of one count of misusing classified documents and is still alive today. Those who may know of this man and his actions but not the details could easily confuse fact from fiction.

This show is simply put written by revisionist historians who, though their intent may not be to misinform are doing exactly that about a part of history that should never never never be anything but learned from.

Inglorius Bastards


As much as I love Quentin Tarantino I have major issues with this film. I will start with the end. SPOILER ALERT! Hitler is not murdered by a Jewish woman who traps him in a movie theater that she sets on fire resulting in burning Hitler to death.

There are certain historical events that no one should take artistic license with and anything to do with Hitler is no exception. I admittedly have issues with any filmmaker who rewrites history because in this day and age too many younger people, well people in general are lazy when it comes to learning things. In this I want information yesterday age movies and videos are often times the only source of historical information they will learn. Even many teachers use media as a teaching aid and would probably do so more if there were enough film that was historically accurate.

On with this film. There is no hint whatsoever of the crimes against humanity Hitler is guilty of, only one scene shows a farmer hiding a family under his living room floor who get gunned down save one when found by an SS officer. The survivor goes on to inherit a movie theater that you guessed it she uses to cook Adolph. I personally think it very much makes the Jews look like evil people. I think this is very dangerous, not just wrong but dangerous. It is brilliant as a new age propaganda film that Hitler would be proud of to tell you the truth.

I do not recommend this film.




This is an in depth documentary that interviews and features the crew of the Enola Gay as well as the crews of the other 2 planes that flew with her when she dropped the Little Boy on the city of Hiroshima including a candid interview with Kernel Tibbits the pilot of the Enola Gay. This film is a combination of reinactments and actual footage. Unfortunately unless you know what people like J. Robert Oppenheimer, General Leslie Groves or other people featured you have to rely on being able to tell the difference between the two by the film and photography quality. Usually interviews with real people had subtitles with names and what they did. There is a lot of accurate history represented going back to The Gadget test at Trinity to details about Tinian Island as well as events from Pearl Harbor and the war before the bomb. There is definitely a subtle attempt to justify the bombs use on these cities with the inclusion of the number and type of military troops there with emphasis on insisting the city was a military target. Interviews with Japanese soldiers and pilots along with the gut wrenching stories from survivors gives you a rare look at the other side. There is in depth coverage on Stalin and Truman and how the United States handled the medical relief for the victims. I highly recommend this 5 star documentary.

Secrets Of The Dead; The Worlds Biggest Bomb



Written by Andy Webb and narrated by Liev Schreiber this excellent documentary is about the Atomic Bombs Fat Man and Little Boy. I give it 5 stars.

The Fog Of War: Eleven Lessons From The Life Of Robert S. McNamara


This excellent look at the Secretary of Defense Robert S  McNamara is not about him it is from him. In his own words he reveals the very personal side of his time spent as the Secretary of Defense during the Cold War and the Viet Nam War. I learned quite a few things from it. I give it 5 Stars. It is available on You Tube.

The Invisible War


Written and Directed by Kirby Dick and released in 2012 this disturbing documentary interviews real victims of rape in the military. These stories reveal the injustice and the corruption of the way rape is handled or rather not handled in the military. I highly recommend this documentary and give it 5 stars.

X Lovato Field

The X Lovato Field in Los Alamos N.M.

The X Lovato Field in Los Alamos N.M.

In 1974 my dad Xavier Lovato died of a heart attack at the age of 35. His friends and softball teammates wrote this letter to the County Council in Los Alamos New Mexico.


Letter proposing the dedication of the field to my dad.

Letter proposing the dedication of the field to my dad.


The dedication ceremony.


His memory has also been written in Craig Martin’s book Los Alamos Place Names.


Is The Supreme Court Ruling On Hobby Lobby Right Or Wrong?

I know that my readers and those that know me will assume they know which side of this issue I am on. But they will be wrong.  I have never been shy about my contempt for religion and though this Supreme Court Ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby’s objection to the company insurance covering 4 kinds of  ‘contraception’ on grounds of protecting their religious freedom I don’t necessarily see this as a religious issue; and the Supreme Court doesn’t see it as only a religious issue, it is a moral one.

It is important to understand that the objection is not against all contraception, it is against Plan B (the morning after pill), Ella (which works up to 5 days after sex) and 2 different IUD’s (Intra Uterine Devices). The argument is that these are aborticides and not contraception. Though I can see their view on Plan B and Ella I do not agree that IUD’s are aborticides, none the less this is the argument.

Here is the section of the ruling that I find to be the most important;
(3) HHS argues that the connection between what the objecting parties must do and the end that they find to be morally wrong is too attenuated because it is the employee who will choose the coverage and contraceptive method she uses. But RFRA’s question is whether the mandate imposes a substantial burden on the objecting parties’ ability to conduct business in accordance with their religious beliefs.The belief of the Hahns and Greens implicates a difficult and important question of religion and moral philosophy, namely, the circumstances under which it is immoral for a person to perform an act that is innocent in itself but that has the effect of enabling or facilitating the commission of an immoral act by another. It is not for the Court to say that the religious beliefs of the plaintiffs are mistaken or unreasonable. In fact, this Court considered and rejected a nearly identical argument in Thomas v. Review Bd. of Indiana Employment Security Div., 450 U. S. 707. The Court’s “narrow function . . . is to determine” whether the plaintiffs’ asserted religious belief reflects“an honest conviction,” id., at 716, and there is no dispute here that it does. Tilton v. Richardson, 403 U. S. 672, 689; and Board of Ed. of Central School Dist. No. 1 v. Allen, 392 U. S. 236, 248–249, distinguished. Pp. 35–38.

Let’s pull out this sentence and look at it on it’s own; The belief of the Hahns and Greens implicates a difficult and important question of religion and moral philosophy, namely, the circumstances under which it is immoral for a person to perform an act that is innocent in itself but that has the effect of enabling or facilitating the commission of an immoral act by another. From that sentence let’s pull out the words moral philosophy. 

I will say that my own personal views on abortion are very conflictive. I think that morally abortion is wrong except in cases of incest and rape. However I do agree with a woman’s right to choose, to a point. This all boils down to ‘when life begins’ dilemma. I am of the opinion that an embryo is not ‘alive’ but a fetus is, this means that after 8 weeks I think abortion is murder. I also feel that by 8 weeks there is no reason why a woman would not have made the decision to have a baby or not. That being said the difficulty lies in what is moral and what is immoral. I find it rather hypocritical of Christians to preach morality given the immoral acts of God throughout the Bible. However we happen to agree on the immorality of abortion, but disagree on when life begins. I admittedly commend the owners of Hobby Lobby for standing by their convictions.

BUT; when I pull out this sentence It is not for the Court to say that the religious beliefs of the plaintiffs are mistaken or unreasonable. I have to say hold on. It is this stance of the Court that enables acts like female genital mutilation to not be illegal. Morality must be judged when it is inflicted on another human being. I a woman wants to cut off her own clitoris that is her business, but when she cuts of the clitoris of another female this is immorality at it’s peak. The same applies to circumstances involving keeping someone alive by artificial means and a loved one wants to pull the plug but another loved one cries it is against their religion to do so. If the person being kept alive would not want to be kept alive that way then pull the plug, in turn if the person being kept alive had the religious belief that it would be wrong then don’t do it. This goes for acts of rape and incest as well as any oppression of any other human being or acts of violence against them. One cannot commit an immoral act upon ones self.



The Carpenters Garden

This site features the unique talents of Bobbie Caldwell Nathwang and her husband David Nathwang. Bobbie graduated from Los Alamos High School .  class of 1972. David also went to Los Alamos High School.  They have some very unique wood creations. Check them out.


The Carpenter’s Garden




The history of the Crown in England.

The history of the Crown in England.

This eleven episode series is honestly the best documentary on the history of the English Monarchy. David Starky is a respected Historian who speaks like a true English Gentleman while taking the viewer back to the birth of Christendom and the crowning of the first King, King Albert. The topics of each Monarch to our present Queen Elizabeth II cover inside the royal family courts following marriages,  successions, wars for the throne, murders, royal executions all while brilliantly including the religious history without bias or opinion.

Starky pulls most of his facts straight from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and gives a memorable gift of taking the viewer to the shelves of some of the oldest libraries that house the rarest volumes in Britain. The is the added treat of a look at the exquisite hand painted pages of the ancient texts.

This documentary gets 6 stars, out of 5.

Oppenheimer Interview Rare Footage


This is an interview done by Edward R Murrow with J. Robert Oppenheimer. They talk about The Institute for Advanced Study where Oppie was the director. It is a very rare interview with Oppie.

Radiation Accident Report Regarding Handling Instructions

Accident Report

This is a memorandum from the Safety Superintendent regarding and accident involving a Marine who was exposed to radiation in 19554 due to unclear handling instructions for unloading radioactive cargo.

A Handbook on Operation Castle

A Handbook for Operation Castle

This is a very detailed handbook that was distributed to the scientists at Los Alamos in 1954 and written by the same. It give information on the tests involved in Castle that reveal radiation fallout, the specs of the blasts and how to read these results.

An Announcement of the Atomic Bomb

Atomic Bomb Announcement pg 1

Atomic Bomb Announcement pg 2

Atomic Bomb Announcement pg 3

This a a copy of the 3 page document issued by the war department. I do not know who it was issued to, exactly who issued it or when exactly it was issued. I am sure that I do not have the entire document.

It is a general overview of the information given to Roosevelt and Truman that led to the decision to make the bomb, an overview of why and how the chose the targets and a brief overview of the Manhattan Project which lists Oakridge Tennessee, Hanford Washington and a remote place in northern New Mexico. I found it interesting they do not mention Los Alamos by name. That makes me think it was written with a few years of the end of World War II.

Jacks’s Dream; Making It Into The Guiness Book Of

Jack has made several attempts at getting his name in the Guinness Book of World Records but to no avail.  In 2007 He and Meg tried in Canada by performing the shortest concert ever played. They sold tickets and promoted the show when it was show time they took the stage where Meg hit her symbol one time, this is known as the White Stripes One Note Show. It seems though that even though this was acknowledged by Guinness as the shortest known concert ever played, and even though The White Stripes did make into the 2009 publication of the World Records Books it was a short-lived accomplishment. After the book was released several applications by other musicians who wanted to beat this record were sent to Guinness for consideration. Well for obvious reasons, at least they were obvious after this record was made and not before, Guinness had to remove this record from the list of breakable records and it wasn’t included in the book after that. These reasons were the inability to conclusively define ‘shortest’ concert. They struggled with what was actually considered to be a ‘concert’. Was it the defined by the selling of tickets, actual attendance at a venue, the appearance of a band on stage just playing a single note; what technically constituted a concert? Some argued that the production of a show leading up to and including the first note was a concert. Some argued that to be a concert they would have to at least play an entire song, some argued that would need to be a whole set. Others argued the number of people who would have had to actually see the band members on stage and see them play ‘the one note’, this point was raised because after playing the one note Jack and Meg immediately left the stage; their thinking being that entering the stage thus beginning the show, playing music; even just one note thus playing the show and then exiting the stage thus ending the  show constituted a concert. Needless to say the inability of those at Guinness to come to a conclusion on these points led to the elimination of that particular record, period.

Jack later attempted to not only get into the record books but stay in the record books; as a record holder past or present, by saying the most metaphors ever spoken in a single concert. These metaphors could be spoken or occurrences like lighting changes, the color of clothing or microphone stands. There was even a recorded metaphor for the calm weather which apparently ‘had the feel of Grandma’s house in winter’. At one point one of the three Guinness officials who were appointed the difficult task of counting these metaphors made the mistake of counting 312 smiles and 3 mere comparisons. I am not sure how a smile is a metaphor at all but then who am I to judge? There was a 3 minute period where close to 1200 were counted. Then about half way through the set it seems that Jack uttered a metaphor about the moon too fast to be counted and the Guinness guys had to forfeit the attempt.

Well April 19th 2014 Jack set a new record for the World’s Fastest Studio-to-Store Record at Third Man Records, his record studio in Nashville.  On the morning of the 19th Jack and his band took the stage in the Blue Room at Third Man Records he recorded a mono live version of the single “Lazaretto” from his yet to be released album of the same name and he covered Elvis Presley’s “Power of My Love” for the B side of this special 7″ vinyl record which was then pressed, assembled and personally escorted back to Third Man by Jack where he sold the first copy to a member of the band Whirlwind Heat, who was performing later that day at the studio. This was all done in 3 hours 55 minutes and 21 seconds.  The video recap of the event can be viewed here



Supreme Court Rules Town Council Prayer Constitutional

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of allowing the Town Council in Greece N.Y. to continue their practice of prayer before their monthly Town Council meetings, ruling it was not unconstitutional. It was the opinion of the justices that because the council welcomed all faiths who wanted to invoke prayer at the meetings they weren’t violating the First Amendment. It was their opinion that it wasn’t the fault of the council that the town was predominantly Christian and that they should not be expected to extend the invitation to clergy outside the county. The council was more than willing to welcome and in fact encouraged  Buddhists, Hindu’s, Jews, Muslims and even Atheists who wished to invoke prayer before council meetings to do so, I guess the fact that Atheists don’t pray escaped them.

It was also the opinion of the courts that they would uphold the long-standing tradition of seeking guidance from our creator when making political decisions that was started by our founding fathers over 200 years ago. They actually applauded those who were wise enough to seek this divine wisdom that would help them to uphold our countries morals and values that have shaped our political system from the beginning.

These morals and values are the same ones that have led to the policies and laws that deny a womans access to birth control and to legal and safe abortions. These morals and values are the same ones that have led to the policies laws prohibiting same-sex marriages. These morals and values are the same ones that have led to the policies and laws regarding the teaching of creationism in public schools while prohibiting the teaching of evolution. These morals and values are the same ones that have led to the policies and laws that weren’t passed concerning the violence against women. These morals and values are the same ones that have led to the policies and laws that keep effective pain relieving drug marijuana away from those with cancer and other chronic pain patients.

These morals and values are the same ones that have led to the policies and laws that protect the religious practice of female genital mutilation. These morals and values are the same ones that have led to the policies and laws that protect the religious practice of polygamy involving underage girls that are denied education past the eighth grade. These morals and values are the same ones that have led to the policies and laws that protect priests found guilty of raping children. These morals and values are the same ones that have led to the policies and laws that protect commanding officers who don’t prosecute  rapists in the military.

These morals and values are the same ones that have led to the policies and laws that don’t provide freedom from religion.








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